Dayton City Commission Race

Dayton Voters Guide Nov 7, 2023

There’s a few reasons you’ve not heard from me as often, and it’s not because there’s a lack of things to talk about. I’ve been swamped with work, life and a fork in the road. But, this post is to share some insight on the upcoming election this Tuesday, November 7, 2023. First off- disclaimers: Read More

Montgomery County Democratic party continues to insult voters

Last Thursday, the Montgomery County Democratic Party “voted” over Zoom to endorse candidates in the Dayton City Commission Race, the Dayton and Huber Heights Mayors race. They did it based on the recommendations of a “screening committee” that was never elected to screen anyone. They were hand picked by Mark Owens, the party chairman, who Read More

The Dayton Extra Election

Full disclosure: I own a small ad agency, The Next Wave, that has great printing prices and can help a candidate do almost everything needed to run. I’ve worked for the following candidates in the past or now: Gary Leitzell, Shenise Turner-Sloss, Darryl Fairchild, Scott Sliver, Valerie Duncan, Jordan Wortham. We’re heading toward the special Read More

Why Chris Shaw and Matt Joseph need to go away

I just got back from the candidates event hosted by Neighborhoods over Politics at Sinclair. Called, “Rock da Vote” it comes complete with a wisecracking MC and a DJ. Unfortunately- it didn’t come with a ton of voters, but since it was livestreamed on FB- maybe it will reach more folks than most of these Read More

The stupid election

Today was why none of the incumbents should be re-elected. It requires 500 signatures to run for Dayton City Commission while it only takes 50 to run for Congress. And, you have to collect them in the dead of winter. And, then make sure people write proper- or they don’t count. And, then if more Read More

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