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Dealing with a neighborhood cancer

Note, this is a long read. This is about a lot more than a demolition derby and a crime clan. Please take the time to read.

Friday, Dec 12, 2014. I had just settled into bed after playing hockey. Our game started at 10 p.m.- and we left the ice at 11:30. By the time I’m home, gear put up- showered it’s 12:15. I had watched about 15 minutes of TV when I started hearing an engine revving, and things going boom- soon followed by a car alarm going off.

Out the window I see little Brandon Crouch’s “new” Chevy pickup- sitting in my neighbor Marilyn’s front yard- facing my house. Her friend Doyle’s Hyundai Elantra is already sounding its alarm and flashing lights. I try to call 911 from the house phone- and must have misdialed, it wouldn’t connect- I run out the front door in my shorts (it’s 20 degrees out) and take a photo of Brandon’s truck now in the middle of the street- sideways- facing my house and me. He’s crashed Doyle’s car and is in the process of backing up and ramming one of my neighbor John’s VWs.

Branden Crouch driver of the one man demoltion derby [1]

You don’t drive sideways on a side street.

He then goes forward- ramming Marilyn’s Chevy Blazer that’s in front of my house. I go to open the passenger door, slug the little shit in the face- and pull the keys out of the car. Doyle, in his bathrobe- pulls him out of the truck- and he proceeds to run away from his house toward my office- I give chase and tackle him and hold him down on the pavement where he keeps fighting me- as I try not to kill him.

Brandon Crouch's truck after he hit 4 cars and 2 wrought iron fences [2]

The final resting place of Brandon Crouch’s truck

Doyle and Marilyn gather around- and after holding him squirming on the ground for a couple of minutes he starts to calm down- and is talking about how he got hit in the face with a baseball bat. I’m covered in his blood and freezing my butt off- and am sick of doing a cop’s job. He won’t stay on the ground- but stands up and stays put for a minute or two- before he takes off again. I know who he is- and don’t feel like chasing him again. I call 911 from my cell- Doyle is calling from his house phone- I have to assume others have called- but who knows. People have come from blocks away to survey the carnage.

He had jumped the curb in front of John’s house- hitting the front of one of John’s 4 VWs- doing major damage to the car- then destroying all of John’s incredible wrought iron fence- as well as Marilyn’s fence. He had then rammed Doyle’s Elantra- to get back onto the street. This was the point where I had come out and the story started.

Fences at 108 and 114 Bonner after Brandon Crouch destroyed them [3]

2 people lost their wrought iron fence because of Brandon’s criminal acts

When the cops and the medic showed up- Brandon was gone. The cops asked me why I hadn’t kept him there, as if it’s my job to wrestle with an 18-year-old for 10 minutes while they take their sweet time showing up.
The next morning- when I saw him pull up to the house and go in- I called it in, but he left again before the cops could get here.

I had a busy day- operating on about 4 hours sleep. And in the afternoon I called the Chief of Police and asked for a call back. To date, he’s not called. At around 6- a cop car was sitting on the street- they had just come out of the Crouch house. I asked if they’d arrested him- and got attitude from the cop- after he said he’d talked to Brandon, and it was up to the detectives. He wasn’t going to arrest him, just a traffic ticket. I wanted him arrested and screened for HIV and Hepatitis, the cop said he wouldn’t do that.

Yes, you and I get a traffic ticket for hitting another car- then we stop. We don’t plow through neighbors’ yards- then try to ram our way back to the street. I call and ask to talk to a supervisor- who basically says the same thing- it’s a traffic ticket, that’s all.

Unbelievably, he had insurance, but, that’s not going to replace John’s fence with anything like what was there before. It’s also not going to pay for misery this punk has brought to our block.

I wrote most of this Saturday night and started preparing the rap sheet of the Crouch family from the county’s websites, real estate taxes, purchase dates, criminal records. Doyle and Brandon’s uncle- who has lived on the block for 20 years and is the one Crouch who isn’t a criminal – told a story that goes something like this-

Brandon had bought an expensive video game (system?) for his little brother Cory- and his older brother, Tony Jr., had stolen it and sold it for $50 so he could buy heroin. Tony Jr. has a long list of turns in prison for a year or less for theft, burglary and receiving stolen goods. Brandon took Tony Jr. over to the guys who bought the game- and Brandon wanted to buy it back for $50- they proceeded to beat Brandon with a ball bat (Brandon stands 5’5″ and weighs in at 128; Tony Jr. is much bigger). Then supposedly they jump in the truck to return- “being chased”- and as they turn onto our block,  Tony Jr. hits Brandon again in the face- causing him to careen onto the sidewalk after clipping the VW-  Tony bails out (no video confirmation of this- his Uncle has all of this on his security system DVR- including our tussle in the street).

Sunday morning I wake up to see a long thread about an arrest of a Crouch. Yep, DPD has Brandon (misspelled “Branden” on the Sheriff’s site)  in lock up after there was a dust-up at 629 Oak St.- or nearby. 629 is owned by Christianna Crouch (unbelievably no relation) – and she owes $3,013.07 in back taxes. Oddly- this house has no record of purchase date. She lives on Beatrice.

Mugshot of Brandon Crouch [4]

Brandon Crouch, just turned 18 and starts his life of crime

Branden Crouch 11/6/1996 is being charged with [5]:

Only the liquor charge has a bail at this point of $1,000, the other two are not entered.

There were some posts about gunfire in this area last night as well- but at this point I can’t connect the dots.

Brandon Crouch and his family of criminals entered our lovely neighborhood 18 Aug. of 2008. I had just moved my elderly parents down from Cleveland in June of that year almost directly across the street from their house, 121 Bonner St. The house had been owned by the Bowling family for years- their daughter had married the Crouch kids’ good uncle and lived at 105 Bonner peaceably for years. The Crouch home, 121 Bonner,  went into foreclosure and was bought by a Florida investor- who was paying me to maintain the yard that summer. I’d asked him about purchase price and he was evasive.

Turns out he sold it for $14K to Anna Lockhart- the baby momma of Tony Crouch Sr. and parents to a gaggle of kids- including Cory, Dillon, Brandon, Dustin, Tony Jr. and 2 daughters, Casey and Candace- who left the house early- getting hooked up and pregnant.

Anna currently owes $1,864.82 in back taxes on the house.

They were able to buy the house because someone won a judgment in a worker’s comp case. Anna already had a judgment out against her for $85K after her youngest- Cory, burned down 27 McGee Street back in 2004. She was arrested in 2012 for possession of cocaine- but the case was dismissed.

Tony Sr. did an 8-month turn for domestic violence back in 1999. But, generally, other than being drunk and obnoxious, he manages to stay out of trouble and works as a mover when he can.

Can’t say that for the boys.

Tony Crouch Jr. born 24-MAY-87

Mugshot Dustin Crouch [6]

Dustin Crouch, mugshot 20 Jan 2015

Dustin Crouch born 12/18/88 Died 12/13/2020 [7]

And now add Brandon. Note, he’s only been eligible to be in the big boys’ jail booking for a month and a half.

There are still 2 more in the pipeline to enter the system- Dillon and Cory.

Since they’ve moved in, we’ve experienced a crime wave. The police have responded to that house at least 20 calls a year every year (I’ll be collecting the exact reports this week). We’ve had drug overdoses, fights, truancy, searches for Tony Jr. or Dustin the works.


16 DEC 14 The Crime Stats

I’ve received the crime stats- in the three years previous to the Crouch’s moving in, one police call;

DateIncident AddressPriorityInc_Dsptch_Code_DescInc Dispo
6/3/2008121 BONNER ST4BURG2

Note- this was when the house was empty- and someone broke in and stole the copper etc. Might have even been the future homeowners for all we know, since the DPD has a lousy record of catching and prosecuting scrappers.

In the three years after they moved in 49 and counting-

14-Sep-08121 BONNER ST2911U1
14-Sep-08121 BONNER ST4FT1
15-Sep-08121 BONNER ST9THEFT1
15-Sep-08121 BONNER ST6THEFT1
14-Sep-08121 BONNER ST6THEFT1
21-Sep-08121 BONNER ST6THEFT1
07-Nov-08121 BONNER ST4FT1
07-Nov-08121 BONNER ST8MISC1
23-Oct-08121 BONNER ST4WANTED2
08-Oct-08121 BONNER ST2DOMVIO2
26-Jan-09121 BONNER ST2DOMVIO1
01-Mar-09121 BONNER ST1DIST2
06-Jun-09121 BONNER ST2DOMVIO1
17-Jun-09121 BONNER ST1OD1
09-Aug-09121 BONNER ST1OD2
16-Sep-09121 BONNER ST3DIST3
20-Aug-09121 BONNER ST4WANTED1
22-Oct-09121 BONNER ST2DOMVIO1
14-Oct-09121 BONNER ST4ASSIST1
14-Jan-10121 BONNER ST7TRANS1
12-Mar-10121 BONNER ST1OD1
11-Mar-10121 BONNER ST4MALARM2
03-Jun-10121 BONNER ST4FT1
18-Apr-10121 BONNER ST4WANTED1
09-Apr-10121 BONNER ST4WANTED2
11-May-10121 BONNER ST4FT2
10-Apr-10121 BONNER ST4FT1
12-May-10121 BONNER ST2DOMVIO1
12-May-10121 BONNER ST4DWI3
17-May-10121 BONNER ST4DRUGS2
03-Jul-10121 BONNER ST4WANTED2
24-Jul-10121 BONNER ST3FIGHT1
05-Nov-10121 BONNER ST6DWOC2
20-Oct-10121 BONNER ST2911D1
11-Dec-10121 BONNER ST4BURGN
20-Feb-11121 BONNER ST3SCL
09-Mar-11121 BONNER ST2911N
24-Jun-11121 BONNER ST2911N
06-Jul-11121 BONNER ST8MISCF


End of crime stats update

I moved to 113 Bonner on Jan. 28, 1986- the day the first Space Shuttle blew up. In the 22 years before the Crouch Criminal Clan arrived, I’d had my garage broken into once- with very little stolen. A walk board stolen off scaffold at my office. My contractor’s tools stolen out of the cottages that were being rehabbed in 1998 and that was it. Since the Crouches, the house and my office have been broken into, the garage has been broken into twice, and cars on the street broken into repeatedly.

The reason I bought the cottages across the street was to provide a good place for my parents to live- and to get rid of crappy tenants who were also constant problems- but not thieves. From 1998 to 2008, this block was quiet and peaceful. After the arrival of the Couch clan- it’s been hell.

The house next door to them had been bought and rented to UD Law students for a number of years- they were getting broken into regularly. The next tenants, some hearty good people with kids- got sick of the BS after about a year and a half and left. The turning point? A major ruckus ensued when one of the Crouchs’ compatriots- who drives an older red Jeep Cherokee kept drag racing down the street. The tenants asked him to stop- and the Crouch Clan all piled out and threatened to fight the tenant. They left- despite their older kids just renting a house behind them.

The crazy thing was that even Tony Sr. agreed the next day that speed racer was being a jerk, the next day- but, in the mob the day before, was egging the fight on.

Other neighbors live in fear and don’t come out much. They’ve come to think this is the status quo- and that there is nothing they can do. The cops claim that unless prostitution or drugs are being dealt, they can’t nuisance the house. Housing inspection doesn’t cite them for broken windows. Amazingly, they take pretty good care of the front yard, but often do open burns in the backyard- mostly melting plastic off stolen air conditioners to separate the metal from the plastic.

I believe we can take the crime stats, the calls, and the latest fiasco, and file a civil suit against them as a neighborhood. This is the plan of action we will begin to proceed with, if they won’t accept an offer to buy the house on the condition they leave South Park.

The city would be in better shape purchasing and moving them out- considering the cost of the constant police calls and ambulance runs in and out of this house. For all the work the people of South Park have done to improve our properties and make our neighborhood so desirable that our property taxes have gone up, you’d think that they could find the money. They didn’t have any problem pouring millions into Wright Dunbar to achieve less.

The preamble of the Constitution clearly states that the reason we have our government is to:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,  promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

It’s time to establish justice and insure domestic tranquility on Bonner Street. This is the first responsibility our city government has- not the tax-seeking behaviors they call “economic development” or “job creation.”

I sent an email to the Mayor, Commissioners Williams and Mims- and haven’t heard back. (note- Mims and Williams reached out on Sunday – still no call from the Chief or the Mayor)

The demolition derby was the last straw. It’s time for peace and safety to return to South Park and to Bonner Street.

To be continued…


June 3, 2015 New crimes

Six people from Dayton are facing federal charges in an alleged prescription drug scheme.

Investigators said they bought dozens of forged painkiller prescriptions, filled them at pharmacies in the area and sold most of the pills on the streets.

The prescriptions were for Oxycodone, Percocet and Vicodin, according to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office.

DeWine identified the four who have been arrested and arraigned in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio as:

The fifth suspect is in custody on unrelated charges and the sixth suspect is under arrest, according to a news release. Their names were not immediately released.

They face charges of conspiracy to possess drugs with intent to distribute.

The investigation was part of the ongoing “Operation Safety Net,” according to DeWine and U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Carter Stewart.

Source: Six charged for forged prescriptions | Dayton, OH Crime | www.whio.com [9]


Dustin Michael Crouch arrested for Rape and abduction in Kettering Feb 12, 2020


9 August 2020. I was watching a movie around 10pm last night, a gunshot in the movie was followed by the unmistakable sound of four more gunshots nearby, opening my back door to let the dog in, there was a whole lot of screaming in the backyard of the Crouch house of crime. I, and many of my neighbors called the cops, who came in force. I don’t know what else happened yet, but looking in the jail this morning to see if any of them landed in lockup, I found Dustin has been in Jail since Feb 12, 2020, charged with rape and abduction.

As a good host to my AirBnB, I notified my guests of the situation and told them to stay inside. They had slept through it (thanks to my amazing job of rehabilitating a derelict shotgun cottage, with all new windows, doors and insulation) but, upon waking, thought they didn’t want to stick around with their infant son in the house. These were guests who had just extended their stay another day, keeping my place booked for the whole week. Now they are checking out- and I’m losing money.

This is the last straw. It’s now time to take legal action against the owner of the house and her crew. My neighbors are tired of it- and we’ll form a class action lawsuit to force her out, since the city doesn’t seem to think that the cost/benefit of them continuing is an issue to be dealt with by their nuisance abatement laws.
Here’s the booking info for Dustin. As soon as I have the police reports from last night, I’ll post them as well.

11 Feb 2021, Dustin died. The obit doesn’t say how [7].

to be continued…

10 April, 2021

Dillon Ray Crouch Mugshot [11]

Dillon Ray Crouch Mugshot, 4-10-2021

Sleeping with the windows open- and never a dull moment as long as you have a family of criminals 2 doors down.
Now, Dillon Ray Crouch, born on Valentines Day 1998, enters the Crouch Crime Family hall of fame- as Kettering police officers are pulling guns on him and hauling him off to jail.

Apparently, he was at the Kings Point Pub, and got three charges:

He’s on a 48 hr hold- at which point, we’ll find out if he’s charged with the weapons charges.

Dillon and Corey were the “good kids” – and aside from his Jeep with no muffler, Dillon generally had a good demeanor and was friendly. It seems that anyone who lives in that house, sooner or later, ends up with a rap sheet.

The house, btw- the tax lien was sold, and as of today, they owe $1,176.78, but may have another amount pending.

If you enjoyed reading true breaking news, instead of broken news from the major media in Dayton, make sure you subscribe to this site for an email every time I post. If you wish to support this blog and independent journalism in Dayton, consider donating [12]. All of the effort that goes into writing posts and creating videos comes directly out of my pocket, so any amount helps! Please also subscribe to the Youtube channel for notifications of every video we launch – including the livestreams.
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Deborah Hutchins

Do the people that Tony claims to of sold the video unit to, live on Park Dr. or was it a drive by type of transaction? If they live on Park Dr. do you have an address?


I’m sorry to hear about that ruckus. It was reported on the news but hard to understand other than more Dayton hillbilly criminals gone wild (which is really pretty common in several neighborhoods). When I heard Bonner Street I thought of you.

You’re right about how one family of idiots can contaminate the whole neighborhood. I used to live on Huffman just east of Smithville for 12 long years. During that period homes owned by the occupants declined and crime increased (as did deterioration of properties). It became unbearable (as did the schools) and I left for the more stable confines of the Forrest Ridge area (still Dayton City Limits). Now after about 15 years here homes are becoming rentals and I’m seeing so neighborhood to decline here too.

Home ownership is the key to a stable neighborhood, period. Yet, every now and then you can get the “Bumpus'” and their stinky hounds moving in. Sometimes it’s worse. One notorious family name that starts with an “F” particularly comes to mind. That’s a large clan.

Dayton Police are about worthless. I witnessed a hit from my porch one evening on Huffman and and the cops refused to answer the call. After about an hour I flagged down a cop who was very angry for me stopping him. He said that they were too busy to answer traffic calls. I helped the guy pull out some metal on his car so he could drive home. While walking home I found a license plate of the offending vehicle and took it to the police station. To my knowledge nothing came of this other than they verified the vehicle had hit the other car and that unless the driver could be identified in a line up there was nothing they could do.

I’d love nothing more than to move out of Dayton but property values have fallen so bad that it just doesn’t make sense. Thankfully my neighborhood hasn’t declined to Eastern Hills standards yet but with every home that becomes a rental it inches closer.

Kim Owens

Kudos to you for stepping in, and for investigating this further. I think one of the biggest problems in Dayton is too many people won’t get involved anymore. Yes, it can be risky, but do we really want these punks to win? I went completely bat-shit crazy on a little punk pot-dealer who was in front of my house one day, hitting a young teenage girl. It took the cops 15 minutes to get there. I followed the kid down the street, giving the dispatcher a thorough description, until he finally hopped a fence. He lunged at me once and I said, go ahead, hit me, I would LOVE to be the reason you go to jail today. His pot-dealer friend who lives 4 houses up from me shut down his operation (in any obvious way) for about a year. And I’m sure the other neighbors on the block figured out not to mess with the crazy chick! We have to stand up and take control of our city!


This kid and his truck-revving and peeling out, away from the curb have kept me up countless hours. I could envision something like this happening. I had no idea the crime and ridiculous behavior ran this deep, however. Pretty infuriating on many levels.

Auston Hensley

A post like this, if you concede that there’s little any one man can do to affect his or her city government, is a powerful argument for secession. Not “succession” in the Civil War context, but rather what Ohio calls “detachment.” There’s a provision in the Revised Code (R.C. 709.38 and 709.39) that allow the detachment of any land area within a municipality and the formation of a new township within those limits.

In a case like this where you have a neighborhood that is trying to get itself together – South Park – you instead have the rest of the city holding it back.

By that, I mean an unbalanced transfer of tax payments vs. services received (you pay city and property taxes but don’t receive much in the way of police protection). I’ve read your blog for a couple years now and seen how the city has a history of picking and choosing its winners. As the property values rise, City Hall is liable to see it as a cash cow that can be used to subsidize more of their failed projects (like buying properties of dubious investment value) rather than actually investing where the city could see returns.

On the other hand, a successful detachment of South Park – a new Van Buren Township, if you will – would be free from City Hall to continue developing. Given the compact nature of the neighborhood it could be easily patrolled on contract with a couple Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies… paid for with local property tax money that stays in the neighborhood. Similarly with school districts, a partnership with an existing charter or public school district could do wonders to make the neighborhood more desirable.

The neighborhood would remain part of the Dayton “region” without being held back by City Hall – and that development would continue to accelerate, even if Twin Towers or the East End… still under Nan’s thumb… continue to languish.

Dave C.

Dustin was probably just helping out with the family laundry, picking up Tide in bulk so as to save a few dollars for tuition or tithing to his church.

van S

Why you so nosey fagget?! You need to leave people’s name out of your nosey biTCH!!!!!

van S

Another damn thing is you dont own Bonner st. So all this nonsense you got going on here^^^^ is ridiculous.. Grow the fuck up an leave the family alone cause obviously you cant do shit about it .As much as you want to ya can’t! If that was my son you punched you would of ate my fist. Do you feel like you’ve accomplished something now?! An tell your buddy Rodney to keep his god damn mouth to his self if he knows any better.

van S

If its that big of a problem to you take your ass else where..
I know damage has been done but you pertaining all of this mess is not doing a damn thing. Its east dayton not Centerville. You will have this mess.

van S

You know what mafucker I dont care how many god damn properties you OWN on Bonner st you have no business getting in other ppls businesses. I dont give a fuck if you lived on bonner all your life you no rights. Thats a violation is what you say. So lets speak .You are the problem to that family. Take you and you god damn parents and get the fuck out of here!!!! Luckily “Brandon” didnt ram that Volvo..You should be one happy camper about that.
You owe taxes your self so lets not get on that subject Dave the “snitch”….

Auston Hensley

I am prepared to bet “Van S” is either a Crouch or is related to one.

Yes, it’s east Dayton and not Centerville. That doesn’t mean east Dayton can be a nice neighborhood too… as soon as the cancer is removed.

van S

Yeppp, this is Van S. AGAIN…How in the hell do you know so much about that family.Nosey cock sucker looks like to me. Seems like you have nothing better else to do. Paint your raggly ass if im concerned.

van S

Well im prepared to run my mouth if that’s fine with you Austin… This piece of trash has no damn rights putting his hands on someone else’s son if it matters to you! Probably just like him.Wouldnt be surprised .

van S

The cancer WILL NOT BE REMOVED!!!!!!! ;)
Sorry to tell ya dumbass bastard.
I know a little to much about the SNITCH

Dave C.

Always nice to hear from the bottom rung on the socioeconomic ladder.

Dave C.

Van S seems to have stopped posting. Could somebody please drop off a few 40 ouncers for him? He must have sobered up.

Bubba Jones

WOW! I don’t check in for a couple of days and I miss all the fun!!

Keep posting “Van S”! Reading your rants is highly entertaining, not to mention the fact that it’s great cognitive exercise attempting to decipher the meanings of your literary musings!!

My guess is that you were valedictorian at Belmont High School and that your studies were focused on English and creative writing. Am I correct?


[…] How does Bennie Coleman end up in jail for more than 48 hours for a toy gun- while my neighbor, Brandon, Demolition Derby, Crouch- is out in 48 hours when caught with a real gun? Is that one is black and the other white? Is it that our laws […]

Dave C.

“Uh, yeah…a guy loaned me this car, said I could borrow it. His name? See, I just met him, I think it was Jim. Yeah, it was Jim. He told me the ignition was busted, just use that screwdriver. It seemed kinda weird to me, too, but I didn’t want to be rude. I mean, he was nice enough to loan me his car.”

[…] last crime spree was getting increasingly annoying. You’ve seen the post about our neighborhood cancer home, and there have been a few other stories in the news. Enter the most successful crime-fighting tool […]


[…] Aug 3rd, I pointed out that since 2009, my street has been disrupted by frequent police calls to 121 Bonner Street. They average about one safety force call every other week. Yet, my property values have almost […]


Wow and here is my truck .. destroyed by the younger one.. Dylan Crouch…how do I add my pictures to the site…
Editors note- I’m adding it.
Hit and run - Dillon Crouch is a suspect

[…] you. Also, I used to see former Ruskin Principal, Devon Berry on my street often, looking in to get one of the Crouch boys to school. Just showing up on the doorstep isn’t enough. Maybe, if we had schools that offered stuff […]

[…] Someone OD’d one time- on the porch. But, being a den of inequity and a drug house? By the standard set around the corner– he wasn’t close. Yet, the city, declared the house a “Public Nuisance” and […]


Umm… this is my dad you are talking about, soooooo………


[…] Addendum- a few minutes later. For the record, I have a Concealed Carry Permit, and own two handguns. I only owned one until this happened: Dealing with a neighborhood cancer […]


U r about a retarded ass person u know u r in dyt right.

M Cynthea Carrington

So according to some residents, living in Dayton means we should automatically have an expectation of crappy neighborhoods. Apparently, some feel there is no benefit in putting in the effortno effort to make and our Dayton neighborhoods safe, nor have a desire for them to be a nice place to live? Sorry, I don’t agree with those voices. I fail to grasp why anyone wouldn’t want that for their neighborhood. Living in Dayton is not, and should not be an automatic expectation or acceptance of it being a “shithole” just because it’s in Dayton.

Last edited 2 years ago by M Cynthea Carrington
Tommy R Couch

Hey MR Earsti….. Does it make people like you feel important or powerful to get on line and blast people this way??? Cause you don’t know much really about what people actually have under gone, or been through in their walk through life! So I’d take a step back an look at this situation from another angle! If you still can’t find a way to help out this issue in South Park….. Then at least forgive these people for their misfortunes in life! Cause it’s the right thing to do! Cause it’s a fact that they all have a good side or quality within them selfs! The two oldest ones done crimes in order to help raise an feed the younger ones! That’s all they knew really an drugs was what they seen with all the adults! I know first hand that the one O-D Dustin,and Tony’s took it vary hard but changed his path now in life! Still struggles with addiction but is a much different person than the one you described