Tipp City School Board- 2 different stories

This is a follow on to the last post, where I talked about “Journalism 101 on investigating candidates and politicians” and how the news isn’t necessarily what it used to be.

Two stories out of last nights Tipp City School Board meeting:

The Dayton Daily news: “Tipp City school board president Patry resigns abruptly

update: after this blog post was published, they changed their story and headline to “Tipp City board member gives Nazi salute during meeting” same URL. Losers.

Dayton 24/7 Now has this “Tipp City school board member gives Nazi salute to board president during meeting

The Dayton Daily had this: “Simon Patry, president of the Tipp City Exempted Village Schools Board of Education, told fellow board members Tuesday evening he was resigning from the board as of midnight (11:59 p.m. Tuesday).
In a statement provided later Tuesday night, Patry said he resigned because of family and business obligations. The announcement came near the end of the board’s monthly work session.”

Zero mention of the Sieg Heil from Zakkour. He’s a class act. She’s in desperate need of an education.

But, what happens in Tipp City, is just a microcosm of what happens in America today where it seems we’ve lost track of civility, integrity, respect, and decency.

The fact that neither Zakkour or Patry were running for re-election is nice, but the crazy part of Ohio law is that once elected to a School Board, there’s almost ZERO chance of getting removed from that position (readers of this blog may remember when I showed that Dr. Adil Bagirov had moved out of the district– and that no one would lift a finger to remove him).

Zakkour should be removed from office. There’s zero room for Nazi salutes in the board room. Imagine if she’s said the “N” word if she was on the Dayton Board? They technically couldn’t remove her either. Ohio has a problem, but this is just the Tipp of the so-called iceberg.
There are 88 counties in Ohio and 608 school boards. There are also Educational Service Centers. There’s a State School Board. There’s way too many uneducated, folks, hiring educational leaders and getting horrible results. One only has to look at how the State could recognize Dr. Libby Lolli as “Superintendent of the Year” while she failed miserably to run our district.

Where you choose to get your news, credible information about who to vote for, to understand what’s happening in your community matters. And, in this case, Channel 45- a FOX news affiliate, seems to be the one where you get “the rest of the story.”

And Esrati.com to point out the errors of omission by the local newspaper of record. Be glad there’s at least one journalist trying to keep you informed in Dayton.

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