Issue 1

What we should have learned from issue 1

August 8, 2023 the gerrymandered Republican super-majority in the Ohio Statehouse decided to waste about $20M of the taxpayers money to hold a single issue referendum. Not a damn one of them will be held liable for this boondoggle. Issue 1, was an attempt to make it impossible for citizens to initiate a referendum or Read More

Who to vote for in Dayton on Nov 2, 2021

Early voting can cause serious buyers remorse. Source: Why you should never early vote | Esrati I wrote that about a month ago. For those of you who voted for the “endorsed democratic party candidates” – you now know that the party is neither democratic, or to be trusted. For the Mayors race you have Read More

Why I’m voting Yes on Issue 1

There hasn’t been a good constitutional amendment on the ballot in Ohio as long as I’ve been voting. Mostly because it’s hard to do- and when the politicians do it, they screw things up. (See Medical Marijuana and the Casino amendments). What we really need to do to solve the drug problem is have health Read More