Avatar, Pantheism and vlogging

Merry Christmas.

For something entirely different (but you are still stuck with me and Greg)- we went to see Avatar in 3d. Amazing visually.

Of course, the movie wraps up a sugarcoated version of religion and politics as a subtext- which gives us something to talk about.
They even have a vlogger in the movie….
You can also read this article by Ross Douthat of the NYT to further add to your confusion:

“Avatar” is Cameron’s long apologia for pantheism — a faith that equates God with nature, and calls humanity into religious communion with the natural world.

via Ross Douthat: Hollywood’s religion of choice found in ‘Avatar’.

A lot of people will see this movie over the holidays, how many will draw parallels to our world here is the question.

Science fiction was always a place to make political commentary under the guise of fiction. Is Avatar just a movie, or a political statement?


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