I miss radio ads that sell stuff

I realize fewer of us listen to broadcast radio these days, but I still have one in the shower- and my 1995 car isn’t easily iPod adaptable- so I find myself tuning in while showering and driving.

And, even though I don’t drink- I miss beer ads. And, even though I won’t be buying a car- I miss car ads. In fact, I miss ads that sell stuff.

If our economy is supposed to be bouncing back, you wouldn’t be able to tell by listening to one local station. Day in, day out, the ads are to sell your gold, buy foreclosed homes, credit repair or if I’m lucky- how to save more money at Kroger.

It’s depressing. Not just from the standpoint of being in advertising- and watching the demise of an art form (writing great radio spots is much harder than TV or print- trust me), but the idea that our collective psyche is being beaten down with these ads that almost announce the end of the American Dream.

So, here’s to you, Real American Heroes,  Mr. Creative Radio Ad Writer, never has one man, been missed so much….

and if you miss those ads too- you can listen to a whole bunch of them here: http://thefuntimesguide.com/2004/10/bud_light_real.php

Now we’ll all know how to tell when the recession is really over: When John Stafford wants to sell you a diamond again, instead of buying your gold, and when banks advertise loans, instead of ads to sell homes that banks don’t want.

That’s my wish for Christmas.

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