Apparently it’s rude to ask the FBI to do their job

It was April 30, 2019 when the FBI, the State Attorney General and the Department of Justice told Dayton we had a culture of corruption. Since then, they’ve indicted 7 African Americans and 1 corrupt hillbilly demolition contractor.

Their main source, their “confidential informant” was a 2 bit crook named Mike Marshall, who used to work for the demolition contractor before he started his own demolition contractor. Marshall was such a loser he tried to steal from Rent-A-Center back in 2003. He openly told people he was a CI. He bilked local businesses left and right- doing substandard drywall. And yet, he was the lynchpin of their big investigation.

Since the initial indictment, many high level former employees in Dayton City Hall have been extensively interviewed by the FBI. They talked to me. They told me about how Mayor Nan Whaley runs her pay to play operation, steering contracts to those who donate to her campaign. The evidence is clear when you look at the Issue 9 campaign finance reports- it’s as if there was an ordained donation scale based on either the level you worked in city hall, or the size of contracts with the city, or the amount of tax breaks you’ve received.  There were meetings where she paraded vendors into city hall- and had directors tell the vendors in advance about upcoming contracts- so they could get an inside track. In some cases, the bids were sent to the vendors to be re-written so the vendor would win.

Not long ago, I clearly documented how a sitting County Commissioner, Debbie Lieberman, steered contracts via her assistant John Theobald. It took a long time to get and review all the public records, to talk to people, to write the story. Over $200,000 in 30 days went to a firm run by a drunk, who had held a campaign rally for Lieberman and Dodge in his offices. Some of the money was paid before the work was complete. It was sole sourced- no bid. It was dirty as all hell. Others in my industry had never seen invoices anything like these- or done work with a government organization in this way. The FBI was told, and nothing. The Dayton Daily news won’t cover it, just like they ignored my unveiling of Adil Baguirov not living in the school district or my fight for his removal. Just like they ignored my story of the second on-camera pepper spraying of a restrained inmate in the Montgomery County Jail (until they could get their hands on the footage I’d already released- two weeks later).

The FBI, the corruption police, do nothing.

When getting additional records, months late last week I reached out to them once again. I got a call back by Special Agency in Charge Joe Deters berating me for “being rude” to his people, and that my information wasn’t any good. Of course, he’s not at liberty to say what information of mine isn’t any good- but I do know he’s still pissed that I published their report of Joey Williams first report as a confidential informant.

Because I don’t believe that anything gets done by sitting on your ass and waiting, I responded to him this past Thursday (5/28/20, 3:46 PM) with the following provoking email:

Subject: On hurting your feelings

Mr. Deters,
I’m sorry if you find me rude.
The sad thing is as a public official, you work for me.
I find it incredibly rude that you come into my city- and start talking smack about a “culture of corruption” – and yet, you’ve failed to support your claims.

When will you indict Nan Whaley? She raised $450K to run for Mayor against AJ Wagner. That money came with strings attached.
She raised $200K to raise taxes with issue 9. The deal was – if you were a director in city hall, you paid a $500 vig. If you were just a department head it’s $250. That’s well documented- and not accidental.
Public employees shouldn’t be forced to donate to keep their jobs.
Look at the contracts at the Airport- why would a small business in Colorado pay $250 to fund a tax levy in Dayton?
They wouldn’t- unless it was part of keeping the contract.

You paid Mike Marshall- a total idiot, for years to be your C.I. and the best you could get is Winburn- a 2nd generation party grifter- and Williams- an entitled kid- who said “he thought everyone else was doing it, so why not me” – and yet you can’t bust anyone else 14 months later.

Steve Rauch is just a small part of the problem.
His checks were signed by someone. How about Shelley Dickstein who spent $5M of the taxpayers money to aggregate real estate for Kroger- without a contract?
Oh right- that’s too long ago.

Every day you delay- more things fall to the “statute of limitations” yet- when given actual real time data like the money being funneled to “The Wilderness Agency” – no bid- with documentation that wouldn’t fly for any other contractor- you do nothing.

I’ve gotta start wondering, how much does it cost to get you to do your job?
Should I start a gofundme to raise money?

That’s rude.
Asking you to do your job- that’s a taxpayers right.
So far, you’re all hat, no cattle Mr. Special Agent in Charge.

Please- come after me. I already have a Facebook,  FU David Esrati page, mostly fueled by the rent-a-cops that violated my first amendment rights.
Why not add an FBI agent to the crew?

Mr. Deters didn’t respond. I’m sure, he’s probably trying to figure out how my threat of trying to bribe him to do his job gives him a way to arrest me, instead of Nan Whaley, Shelley Dickstein, Debbie Lieberman, John Theobald, anyone from Citywide, or, god forbid, anyone at Wright State who lost $130M or profited from the many illegal schemes to buy un-needed real estate across the street to help the “friends” of the university.

I’ve heard so many people say that the FBI won’t arrest anyone while we’re in the middle of a crisis. First it was the KKK rally, then the tornadoes, then the shooting in the Oregon District, and now Coronavirus and as of yesterday, riots. While I can’t agree with destruction of private property in the name of change, I’ve been saying that our jail isn’t fit for human habitation, and putting some of our own corrupt politicians in it may be the only way jail conditions change.

The reality is, Deters and the rest of the boys with badges seem to have no problem with arresting protesters, drug dealers or black people. His performance is so shitty, I wrote an April Fools day post about how the FBI arrested him for only arresting black folks. I sent that to him and his other officers via email, just to make sure they saw it, although it’s very clear that they read my blog. (and yes, I’ll send this post to him as well).

The protesters yell, “No justice, No peace.” I say to Mr. Deters, you’re supposed to be the justice, now do your job and maybe the protests will actually have real meaning. And maybe, you will actually deserve that government paycheck you get.

We’re waiting. Rudely.



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