FBI arrests FBI in Dayton says “Corruption isn’t limited to people of color”

Rumors ended today, April 1, 2020, when the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Department of Justice stepped in and arrested the local office FBI agents, the Special Prosecutor, Southern District of Ohio, the State Attorney General David Yost, as part of a sweep called “Demonstrated Racism.”

Associate Deputy Director, Paul M. Abbate, said in a rare public statement “The FBI, above all prides itself in “Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity” and when we have agents in the field like Joe Deters who claims there is a “Culture of Corruption” in Dayton Ohio and yet, only indicts people of color (with the exception of Steve Rauch) and then does the same in Cincinnati, where an entire City Council gets caught violating Sunshine Laws, yet he only indicts a Councilwoman of Color, Tamaya Dennard, we realized we had a problem.”

Deters, Yost, and former AUSA Ben Glassman, were all picked up today and charged under 18 U.S.C. § 245 of Title I of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, because they had “willfully injured, intimidated and interfered with, those indicted because of their race, color, religion or national origin.”

Considering that Joey Williams, Clayton Luckie, RoShawn Winburn, Joyce Sutton Cameron and her husband James Cameron as well as Brian Higgins are all people of color, as is Ms. Dennard, and this group has filed no other charges against  any other public official, who approved or negotiated deals with Steve Rauch, of Steve Rauch Inc. Abbate said, “millions of dollars over decades have flowed out to SRI, with multiple government projects, approved by entire city commissions, county commissions and other quasi-governmental organizations like Citywide Development, and all these disgraced agents could come up with were these 7 plus Higgins- and Higgins wasn’t even a public corruption charge.”

Abbate went on to say that when the first round indictment was announced, it was appropriate that the first question from the press was asked by local citizen journalist David Esrati, who asked the very question we had? How can no one be arrested at Wright State where $130M went missing, and the best these agents could do was indict Williams for a $40,000 patio? This is a disgrace to the Bureau.”

Deters and Yost refused to comment. Glassman, just said “I went to Harvard Law, I should have privileged immunity” when asked for comment as he was being lead into the Federal Building in handcuffs.

Attorneys for Deters and Yost are asking for a change of venue. Glassman asked for his mother.

Abbate says look for other indictments soon. “We’ve been reading Esrati.com for the last month, and can’t figure out how these agents hasn’t at least arrested County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman, her assistant John Theobald and Wilderness Agency owner Richard Kaiser, the story had enough information to clearly see that well over $220K was directed without proper purchasing processes being followed. Apparently, these people entrusted with enforcing laws can’t seem to indict a single white person, and that’s just not acceptable. We’ll be looking into pay-to-play arrangements that were involved in the funding of the Issue 9 campaign next. We are in awe of the investigative resources we found on the Esrati web site and we’ve discussed whistleblower funds being directed to Mr. Esrati for all his hard work.”



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