Why is Tim Kambitsch above the law?

You didn’t elect Tim Kambitsch, but you did give him close to $200M of your hard-earned tax dollars to build new libraries. He has a kangaroo court of a board overseeing him, that thinks he does no wrong. Members include the wife of the head of the “Dayton Business Committee” and other insiders. For all most of us know, they could all be related to companies he has spent a large portion of that $200M with. No one audits him, no one watches what he’s doing. Just like the Dayton Development Coalition, Citywide Development, the Downtown Dayton Partnership, Metroparks, the list goes on.

So when Judge Parker ruled and told him he had to hand over the surveillance video of my unfortunate first visit to the new main library on August 19, 2017, he decided after delaying for a year and a half, to delay again by only giving me 16 minutes of a 45 minute visit. When told to give me more, they spent more time telling me how there wasn’t anymore than the additional 30 seconds they delivered after another delay. From the first day to today, it has been 895 days or 2 years, 5 months, 12 days and I finally got a day in court. The judge, instead of throwing Kambitsch in jail for contempt, gave him yet another 30 days to deliver the video that I first asked for on Aug 19th 2017.

The judge did impose a penalty the first time of $1000. That was $100 per day, with a max of 10 days, for every day they were late. That’s the way the state laws read, giving public officials no real reason to comply. They don’t pay the penalty out of their paycheck, they don’t have to pay for their lawyers protecting them, and best of all, even if they don’t comply- nothing happens to them.

When I had to say the second time, this isn’t all the video, the clock should have started over, pay another $1000 and do not pass go. Now that I am asking a THIRD time, there should be another $1000. And, btw, the judge chose not to award my legal fees, even when he agreed that I was right and Kambitsch was wrong. I want to take it a step further. For every one of the 56 cameras that he didn’t provide the footage from the second time and the third time, there should be $100 per camera per day.

And, it should come out of Kambitsch’s paycheck, because he is breaking the law. He is the one delaying. He is the one abusing his power. For it to come from the taxpayers isn’t penalizing him, it’s penalizing me and you.

The civil suit over the civil rights violations against me has been filed in Federal Court. The library carries insurance to cover those costs, so once again, Mr. Kambitsch has no personal skin in the game. He gets to go on doing as he wants. As I said in my one chance to speak, at least when Joey Williams makes a mistake, he admits it. Kambitsch shows his white privilege and thumbs his nose at Judge Parker, almost as if Parker is powerless to hurt him.

I’ve spent over a 100 hours on this case. I have probably 20 hours in putting the poorly labeled and redacted video together and cross referencing it with the photos I took that day. I won’t get paid for any of it. Kambitsch got paid for being in court today. How’s that for injustice?

What Judge Parker does with his next ruling, if he even chooses to is anyone’s guess. But know right now, Kambitsch doesn’t care, and he already knows he’s done his best to delay this as long as possible- to make sure, no one knows the truth about the whole thing. I was right. He was wrong, and he’s too much of a smug shit to admit it. He’d rather waste the tax payers money ad infinitum because, well, he can. And so far, Judge Parker hasn’t done a thing to prove him wrong.

925 days from ask to ordered delivery date. That’s the worthless Ohio Sunshine laws for you.

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