Dayton needs new leadership yesterday

I just watched the video of a stabbing of a student with a pencil.
The room was totally out of control.

Next I hear, the school is telling students if they take their cell phones out to record things like this- or share the video, they will be expelled.

Because, of course, the First Amendment doesn’t mean anything to Libby Lolli.

Then, an unconfirmable but reliable source says an assistant principal at a DPS high school was allowed to resign, after being caught engaging in a homosexual relationship with a student. There are photos and videos on phones. The Dayton Police Department investigated. This person is now teaching in another state.

If this is true, the Schools and the DPD have failed to properly report a crime, and other students are at risk of more of the same.

Teachers are being told if they talk about the failures to maintain discipline in the buildings- they’ll be reprimanded. When does it stop?

I’m also in possession of video and reports of an inmate getting stomped for over 6 minutes in the Montgomery County Jail. I was denied another incident report because it’s in the process of an investigation.

Covering things up isn’t a solution, it’s an invitation to a huge lawsuit.

Are these people totally oblivious to what is going on at The Ohio State University over a 20 year old coverup? Or, the scandal in Chicago about sex abuse of students that was unreported, or what the Catholic Church has been through over the last 25 years?

I can’t run my business and protect the children of this city. You elected a prosecutor that doesn’t prosecute. You elected commissioners that don’t protect their citizens. A sheriff who can’t run a jail. You elected a school board that won’t govern a dangerously incompetent superintendent.

The Dayton Daily News and the local TV stations are absolutely incompetent at digging into these kinds of cases. If it’s more than a car crash, house fire, or drug bust- they can’t get their tiny brains wrapped around the bigger implications of this kind of gross mismanagement of this region by our inbred “Monarchy of Montgomery County.” The FBI isn’t interested in more tips, because they can’t even get to the bottom of what they’ve started.

I have information about high placed assistants to elected officials who are steering public contracts in exchange for future promises of a job after their impending retirement. The shit just doesn’t stop rolling my way.

Wright State is still confused about how to manage foreign students, even after paying a million dollar fine for screwing up on the H1B.

Their “Chief Information Officer” lies about an RFP he issued, calling it a request to hire an ad agency, when in fact it was an RFP for media buying services only. There is no score sheet- but, they picked the local people. Imagine that?

For the record, the difference between a media buying and creative services is something a first year marketing student ought to know, but, at WSU you can get paid 6 figures plus and not know the difference.

I’m tired. I can’t do it all. And this is just for starters. This is just what’s come across my desk in the last 3 weeks.

Remember, I had to go to court last week. The defendants lied in court. I now have proof of it. Will the prosecutors and the library director be put in jail? Will the Library director be forced to resign? Will the prosecutors lose their law licenses? Will the judge do anything?

I’m tired. You should be too.


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