Why is Phil Plummer in the State House instead of the Big House?

Montgomery County is still cleaning up Phil Plummer messes in the jail. Taxpayers have wasted over $10M in settlement fees for lawsuits that should never have happened. Phil Plummer was in charge, or his number 2, Rob Streck, who is now running unopposed for Sheriff as the appointed incumbent. If you need a reminder of how bad things are and were, go read this post: Cruel and unusual punishment in the Montgomery County Jail, watch the video again (below)

Plummer had just got done telling us that the pepper spraying of Amber Swink while in a restraint chair, by Sgt. Judith Sealey was just a one-time thing. He swore this wasn’t a normal, everyday occurrence, and then, I released the above video. Sealey went on administrative leave, Plummer promoted her, and then she took disability retirement.

The video showed things that no human should have to endure. Charles Alexander Wade was not just pepper sprayed, but then left in the chair for at least 4 hours- unable to touch his eyes, to wash them out. His case was settled cheap- only $115,000. Some of the exploitative social media outlets recut my video and got millions of views overnight. This is still my most watched video. It makes me physically ill. It was the reason I chose to run for City Commissioner in 2019, just after my mom had passed, my number one issue- to make sure there was a safe jail for Dayton citizens to be taken to. Being arrested doesn’t mean you are guilty, most of the time it just means you are poor- and unable to post cash bail. Yet, we had people getting killed in jail, before ever appearing in front of a judge or jury.

On the campaign trail, I heard “but the jail is run by the county, you are running for the wrong office if you want to fix the jail”- to which my response was “I wouldn’t allow Daytonian’s to be sent to Phil Plummer’s house of horrors until things were fixed. We have that option. We used to have our own jail- and our own workhouse, before the powers that be abandoned city assets for their own political enrichment.

Now, I get to read a story about jailers in Oklahoma County-


Christian Miles and Gregory Butler, both 21 and former Oklahoma County Jail detention officers, as well as their former supervisor, Christopher Hendershott, 50, were charged on Monday with cruelty to prisoners, corporal punishment to an inmate and conspiracy, Oklahoma County District Court records show.

On at least five occasions in November and December involving five inmates, each separately, Mr. Miles and Mr. Butler placed the inmate into an empty attorney visitation room, according to affidavits. The two then handcuffed the inmate against the wall, forcing him to stand for as long as two hours, an internal investigation preceding the charges found.

Baby Shark” was played on repeat, through a computer, while the inmate was forced to listen to it.

The song was “said to be a joke between Miles and Butler,” Mr. Miles told investigators.

David Prater, the Oklahoma County district attorney, said the three had acted “conjointly, willfully and wrongfully” in a “cruel or inhuman manner” when they subjected inmates to the punishment.

Playing the song on repeat put “undue emotional stress on the inmates who were most likely already suffering” from being handcuffed to the wall, Mr. Prater wrote….

Lieutenant Hendershott “failed to properly supervise and discipline” Mr. Butler and Mr. Miles, the district attorney said. Mr. Butler and Mr. Miles were “the subject of numerous inmate complaints that detailed their history of mistreatment,” Mr. Prater wrote.

Though the three charges are misdemeanors, Mr. Prater told The Oklahoman newspaper that he “would have preferred filing a felony on this behavior.”

“It was unfortunate that I could not find a felony statute to fit this fact scenario,” he said.

Source: Jail Employees Face Charges After Using ‘Baby Shark’ Song to Punish Inmates – The New York Times

And I sit and wonder why not only is Phil Plummer not in jail, but why he’s running again for State Representative. Dem’s have at least put up a challenger to him, Leronda Jackson, who is fighting for a seat that was gerrymandered to be a Republican district. Of course, Mat Heck, the local Dem party boss behind the scenes, who pretends to be a prosecutor is unopposed as well.

What I’d give for a David Prater, the Oklahoma County DA, who thinks that just listening to Baby Shark on a loop while handcuffed is worthy of a felony.

You should be raging mad when you go to the polls, when you see how the deals run by the corrupt party bosses leave key jobs and all judgeships unopposed. The only time you get a choice for judge is when one ages out for the most part.

There is a culture of corruption in Dayton Ohio, and the FBI isn’t willing to do a damn thing about it, unless, of course, you’re Black and you’re not actually the ones signing the checks for the pay to play monopoly game we’ve had running for the last 30 years in Dayton Ohio.

That there isn’t a challenger for either the Sheriff or the Prosecutor is a crime. Can we put both of the incumbents in a room and make them listen to Baby Shark on loop?
If you live in the 40th- I hope you vote for Ms. Jackson no matter what your political persuasion is, any functioning adult is more competent that Phil “The torturer” Plummer- and is more worthy of a job representing us in the State House.

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