Nothing has changed: Covid as usual?

My hockey league is trying to recruit a 4th team. That’s our norm, 4 teams. They have 3 playing. That means about a dozen of us are smart enough to know that you can probably catch Covid in a rink while breathing heavy in a place where your exhalations hang like a fog.

I see people in Costco wearing their masks around their chins – and grinning. Costco- one of the few places that first said “you aren’t coming in here without a mask, no matter what the governor says.” The 6 ft distancing is turning to 3, and while the plexiglass is between you and the cashier, it seems there are more people around you.

A guy I don’t know on Saturday is all happy I’m hanging nets at the Dakota center. They may be the last 3 rims standing in town. He wants to give me money- I pull my mask up- and say “this is for your protection” and he goes back to his truck to get his mask. We talk- he keeps coming closer, he wants to shake hands, he puts his hand on my shoulder. He just came out of a gym holding a volleyball tournament.

A drill team I do work for has tryouts for the squad captains. It’s at a church, somewhere in the Drexel/Trotwood/who knows where the line is drawn area. The gym is full- there ain’t 6 feet between the kids on the audition floor- and the rest of the room is standing room only- I make my way to the very back corner, and then make my way out.

People are sending their kids back to in-person school. Expecting kids (all the way up to college) to somehow respect the rules- mask on, 6 feet away, etc. It’s not working- it’s spreading.

People are doing exactly what they did in 1918 after the first wave of the Spanish Flu- they got cocky, and then they started dying again at an even faster rate. There is no antidote, unless you’re the president of the United States- who was tested daily, and given treatments you can’t get, or afford. You get it, you don’t have those odds. You can still spread it- and not get it, it’s out there and it isn’t going away.

Our governor now knows that there are armed people who will try to kidnap him if he starts talking about another quarantine- or even enforcing a mask mandate. He can look to Governor Witmer for the playbook- and she was lucky, or he can ask his former public health director, Dr. Amy Acton, who thought her families health and her life was more important than saving all of us. There are folks running around with guns saying they don’t need a mask to protect them from Covid because god will protect them- but they do need a gun to protect their rights, and they’ll shoot you if you make them wear one.

The world is in total turmoil, despite people adapting to all that’s changed, cautiously awaiting the election of our lifetime- to see if stupid once again surprises us and the anti-christ keeps his kingdom. I hear perfectly people say that they are voting for Trump because they believe he will bring “law and order”- while society is breaking down because it requires trust in god, country, our currency and our leader (who has been in full steroid crazyland for a week).

People will continue to get sick, people will continue to die, until we get a working, tested vaccine out in enough numbers, and we really do have treatments that can stop folks from dying like il Presidente.

In the mean time- it’s not time to play hockey unless you are the NHL, it’s not time to go to a college football game unless capacity is grossly reduced, and it is time to keep wearing that mask, washing your hands, staying 6′ away and reducing the number of people in your circle.

Or- play the Covid lottery and see if you can be the next winner.

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