Where do I vote? OH-10, Montgomery, Greene and part of Fayette County

The League of Women Voters has an amazing tool online to tell you where your polling place is.


It works nationally, but on Super Tuesday, March 6, 2012, if you live in Ohio, the polls are open from from 6:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Many of our polling places in Montgomery County have changed. Our Congressional district has changed radically. I’ve covered all this on Esrati.com in the past.

Another popular post is how do you vote in a primary- declaring your party affiliation. You can switch parties every primary. Unfortunately, we have a very primitive voting process in Ohio that forces people to limit selection. I’m a proponent of instant run off balloting– but that’s another issue.

In Montgomery County, it’s like the three stooges at the polling places trying to enter your data. They have an optical gun to scan your driver’s license (not a swipe card reader). At my polling place my brand new driver’s license wouldn’t scan. Then they check you on a paper book, enter your driver’s license number, then pull you up on a digital voter poll book- where you can’t see your name displayed- and have you sign on a touch pad, much like a CC swiper. I find this odd- because when you sign on most swipe card readers it tells you what you are signing for.

They then give you a plastic card you can insert in the electronic touch-screen voting machine. It should pull up your party affiliation first. Then you get the slate of candidates and any issues for your location. As always, so many judges running unopposed as well as political party reps.

Besides the 6-way race for Congress, you have a choice on Supreme Court justices- pick one from two, district judges, pick one of two and if memory serves me right- that’s it on the Democratic slate.

I was out early hanging door hangers- and got a call a few hours later. “Hi, My name is Jerry Name Redacted. I just wanted to call to say that the door hanger I got today was the best piece of campaign literature I’ve ever seen terrific.” He left his phone number and e-mail. Made it all worth while.

I’m still fielding calls back from the Robo-call. If you got a call from 937.985.1312 it’s my congressional candidate hotline. I’ll answer as many as I can.

Please vote- and tell you friends.

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Thanks for this valuable informaiton, David, and good luck today.  Call me Daffy Duck, but it seems every time there is voting in Dayton, there is not enough signs, news, etc. about what the heck and whom we are voting for.  I get some brochures in my door, but I didn’t know today we voted on judges.  I figured out you were on the ballet today from reading your blog.  And Nan mentioned voting today on the last Commission Meeting, but still, she did not say what it was for or for whom.  Is that standard policy?
So I only suspect today is Primary Day, too, for the Repubs, since they are in Dayton.  Now I will probably get laughed at, but I don’t care, I just want the right information … And I don’t get the paper.


Okay, whomever bozoed me, even if it was David E. whom I just voted for, let’s see how much you know about voting … Maybe I should’ve known to go straight to the OH-10 table at the polls but I did not know that, but that is the booth I went up to anyway.  I confirmed my address to the poller, and was asked what Party I was.  (Seems you are either a Dem or a Repub, not Green nor Independent, not sure on that answer).
So I voted, skipped on a couple of Dems I don’t like, and proceeded to vote for all the other Dems, even Nan and Carolyn Rice who have no competition this year (something about odd numbers one year, even ones the next, or bi-party years?)
I was surprised to see Obama on the ballot, then Sherod Brown, but I went ahead and voted for them since they were Dems.
I proceded to turn in my card and get the new sticker, I love voting with the state of OH acting as the “heart.”
Then I asked the pollers, ‘Why wasn’t Mitt, Paul or Santorum on my ballet?’  They said because I was a Democrat.  I felt a little stupid, but a young poller with both ears pierced and decorated, explained it all to me.
Hey, my major in college was human services administration, not political science.  But I voted for you David, and Nan (for some national committee).  This bozo has learned something today, have you?