Thank you for your support

For those of you who believed, thank you.

For those of you who encountered me with an open mind for the first time, thank you.

For those who visited this site to learn about the candidates- you’re welcome.

To the Montgomery County Democratic Party, the State Democratic Party, the AFL-CIO and to Sherrod Brown- stay out of primaries, let the people decide. Maybe if you worked harder at building up your party, and holding fair and honest primaries, you’d have more people running. Every unopposed candidate is a FAIL- and I saw way too many of those today.

To the Fayette County Dems and the Greene County Dems- thank you for your open arms and minds. If I were you, I’d be seceding from OH-10 and the Montgomery Dems as fast as possible. For as long as this district puts you in holy matrimony, your voices will mean little.

  • To Sharen Neuhardt, you better do better than any of the last 5 softies the party has sent to battle with Turner. You didn’t impress me one iota with your life story.
  • To Olivia, I want to know your secrets.
  • To Tom McMasters, please go back to being a Republican, you didn’t fool anyone.
  • To Ryan Steele- congrats on coming in 2nd in Fayette County, and keep your chin up.
  • To Mack Van Allen, it’s been a pleasure meeting you, I look forward to working together to change things for the better.

To my readers- I need to take a break for a bit. Let me know if I missed a sign somewhere- or grab it and bring it to the office if you can. I’ll have some commemorative ringer t-shirts for sale soon.

What’s next? I hope to find a race or two in town where I can get all the candidates to work together to hold a well programed, fair and clean election, to prove it can be done. See my post about “The Dayton Process”

Unofficial final – Montgomery County:

Total Votes 15,419
David Esrati 2,296 14.89%
Olivia Freeman 4,102 26.60%
Tom McMasters 1,571 10.19%
Sharen S. Neuhardt 5,338 34.62%
Ryan Steele 1,009 6.54%
Mack Van Allen 1,103 7.15%

Note, read the Republican numbers:

Total Votes 52,584
John D. Anderson 7,800 14.83%
Edward Focke Breen 1,193 2.27%
Mike Turner 43,591 82.90%

Turner got almost 3x the votes in the primary than all Dems together. The Montgomery County Democratic Party “Leadership” should be recalled.

Official final – OH-10

Total Votes 21,035
Sharen S. Neuhardt 7,530
Olivia Freeman 5,380
David Esrati 2,884
Tom McMasters 2,159
Ryan Steele 1,586
Mack Van Allen 1,496

Again- Turner alone has 4x the total votes of all Dems, and the second place finisher has 2x what Sharen received.

Total Votes 79,548
Mike Turner 63,704
John D. Anderson 14,048
Edward Focke Breen 1,796


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Of course the Republican vote dwarfed the Democratic. They had a presidential primary.


I’m going back to voting either Independent or Green!  My ballot didn’t have any levies or City Ordinances, what’s up with that?


Disappointed but not surprised. Good run, David. I honestly think this was your best campaign yet. It showed your compassionate side and made your combative side take a backseat (for a change). ;-)

David Sparks
Tom McMasters

Don’t be upset if I don’t abide by your cynicism.  But I’ll offer this to you.  I’m impressed by your website and your energy.  Some of your insight is right on and superior to what many of the mainstream Dayton media reports.  I submit that if you were a Democrat you would be this year’s Congressional nominee.  Perhaps you should consider changing your party affiliation to one that understands your message better.
In conclusion the difference between you and me is I’ve been up front (both when I ran in the Republican Primary and when I ran this time) that I am an independent using the primary process. 
Good luck
Keep up the energy


It all comes down to: the winners in these campaigns either have a good message, lots of money and wealthy backers, a good smear campaign, and a determined staff who even go door-to-door.  Why did Turner win and not Esrati?  I’m sure there are many answers, but the bottom line still remains that Turner won!  One thing in his favor is his clout and political experience.
Mitt just might take the presidency soley on being so filthy rich, and with his dough and brainwashing the naive folks in this country, he just might win and be another bozo President like GW and Clinton were, even though they both might have done some good for this great country of ours.  But Barack will probably win.
David- I have not taken any civics classes, but I’ve taken many government ones, and learned that the Power Elite are more powerful than most govermental agencies, anyway.  And we could discuss the Iron Curtains in the world, and war and peace, but I’m getting off topic.  All I’m suggesting is, Turner might have won for worse reasons than good, and of course it’s all not fair either- one bit, you know! 

Ryan Steele
Ryan Steele

David; It was truly an honor to meet, interact with, and run against you.  I also need a little break myself, but your website is an inspiration and I will be doing my best to emulate it over the next two years.  I will run for something in 2014, and like you, I believe in an informed electorate, so I’ll be doing my best to inform.  I learned a lot this campaign and much of it came from you, so once again, thank you very much.  I hope to see you sooner rather than later and run against you never again… but we shall see what the future holds for that.  Enjoy the post-election relaxation, be safe, and keep up the good work. 


You know what I see in the numbers? Sharen only received ~1k more votes than Olivia. If you consider the amount of money the two of them spent, that doesn’t bode well for Sharen.


Sixty one percent of the D voters in the 10th voted for women. It would be interesting to know the gender percentages of D primary voters in this election……  


@ bobby, I suspect one reason why so many women got votes was because for Treasurer, there was only one to vote for, Carolyn Rice, which accounted for probably 50%.  If you are speaking only for the Congress vote, well, that’s a shame I say – this is why so men are out of work; it’s a pity really, IMO.  They need to be home with their kids, IMO.