Levies, Libraries and the most loved politician in Dayton.

Looking over the results, with a good night’s sleep, shows outstanding support for both the Metroparks and the Library levy. Both good things, passing with at least 70% of the vote. They were on the ballot as Issue 4 and Issue 40.

And while it’s great that we have a new Mayor in Dayton, the most popular politician in Dayton is School Board Member, Stacy Thompson who got an amazing 18,543 votes- for 24.07%

YVONNE V. ISAACS 17443 22.64%
JOE LACEY 17868 23.20%
RONALD C. LEE 14002 18.18%
STACY M. THOMPSON 18543 24.07%
JAMES K. WEIR 9177 11.91%

What’s even more strange is that Jim Weir and I were only 20 votes apart- (I had 9197)- considering he was in a five way race for four seats. He is the most efficient vote getter- having spent next to nothing on his campaign.

The turnout in Dayton was a mere 30.2%- and from what I saw at the polls- the new, young “Obama” voters stayed home. The old adage that “seniors vote” still holds true.

I won’t hold my breath to see the Dayton Daily News Editorial Board admit their pick for Mayor was way off. They provided a lot of the “Anti-Gary” rhetoric used by the McLin campaign.

Last night there was talk, while waiting for the final count (again- the BOE didn’t look so smooth on that) about the transition team for Leitzell. Now is when the big money who wouldn’t give Gary the time of day, now becomes his best friend- offering to help analyze the real mess that Rhine McLin is about to hand over to him. This is nothing new, Dixon did it to Turner, Turner did it to Rhine, George W. did it to Obama- it’s a time-honored political tradition.

My guess is Mayor elect Gary Leitzell will surprise people- with a transition team made up of people from the neighborhoods and small business people, but time will tell. Of course, we don’t have the same business base we had when Rhine started out- and that’s a big part of the reason why she didn’t get her third term.

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