Note to Mark Owens: time to take down your immature smear site

Montgomery County Democratic Party Chairman Mark Owens, will of course blame Rhine McLin for failing to beat Gary Leitzell with at least 10 times the money and a marquee name. Rhine McLin should be wanting her campaign manager’s rear end in a sling. Her campaign manager? Why of course, the brilliant political mind, our eternally unopposed Dayton Clerk of Courts, the very same Mark Owens.

It will be interesting to see how much they spent with Burges & Burges of Cleveland – her “strategic marketing consultants” (the same people who have the no-bid contract with the Dayton Public Schools for PR).

Whom ever came up with the brilliant idea to send at least 6 mailings with Gary Leitzell’s name all over it, was an idiot. As was whom ever came up with the idea that talking about hard work or hard times was a good tagline for Ms. McLin. People believe ads that are based on truths- and the truth is, no one knew much about Rhine McLin’s accomplishments in the last 8 years of office. They did know that she wore funny glasses and hats, had a legendary father, and wasn’t a strong public speaker. No amount of money or marketing can change that “hard earned” perception.

The last gasp mailing accusing Mayor Elect Gary Leitzell as a racist, was the last thing a city already struggling with the race issue needed. If there is a copy of this out there- I’m still looking for one to post. It contained a lot of the same content that their amateur smear site, no gary no dot com had on it in the last few days- meaning Mark Owens had approved of it.

Thank you to reader Joshua Stults for scanning and sharing these.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party has been anything but democratic for as long as I’ve been involved in local politics (20 years). It may be time for new leadership there as well. This stunning defeat should be a message to Dems throughout the County that the current chairman has no clue. Even Issue 3, which had party support, lost in Montgomery County. It will be interesting to see how much money the casino backers bought that endorsement for.

Public apologies aren’t something Daytonian’s do. If Mark Owens has an ounce of decency in him, the smear site will come down today. For this city to move forward, we need all leaders to step up and act like one, Mark Owens included.

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