When no news isn’t good news

Things you haven’t read in the Dayton Daily news, include of course, any news story that’s first reported here.

So, here’s some updates.

The Montgomery County Jail is once again becoming a hotbed of Covid19. 20+ cases and climbing a whole bunch of people quarantined. While you’d think you’d test the worker inmates who deliver the food to the other inmates- they apparently didn’t, helping it spread. Guards are having a hard time enforcing mask wearing- and PPE is still in short supply.

The convicted lawyer, Aaron Hartley, didn’t get sentenced in his assault case last week because the judge couldn’t make it in, so there is a delay. In the meantime, in a related case (CASE NO: 2020 UJ 00005), filed August 4, 2021, a former client petitioned the court to change lawyers because: “Aaron Hartley, recently informed her that he was closing his practice and she needed to retain new counsel.”

Maybe it’s time the legal community did a little self-policing, before they get too much egg on their face for letting this guy continue to practice law, while facing so many lawsuits for so many things. I’ve yet to be able to confirm other allegations, but, Hartley may have tried to blackmail former clients by claiming they did things that would revoke their security clearances. Maybe the feds might end up doing what the Bar association and the Ethics commission and the Ohio Supreme Court won’t- stop him before he goes off like a suicide bomber. The man obviously needs help.

Dayton Public Schools has parents pissed once again as transportation issues begin again. While the board keeps giving Superintendent Libby Lolli raises- she continues to fail at the most basic fundamental challenge- if kids can’t get to school- they can’t learn. Enough parents already gave up on DPS after the horrific online experiment, but to turn away the faithful by suggesting that parents can’t keep their kids in the same school they’ve been going to for years thanks to your new “quadrants” system is ignoring the customers desires- and almost forcing them to abandon ship.

I’ve stopped covering the clown show down on Ludlow because watching institutionalized stupidity continue makes me physically ill. There are any number of more competent superintendents available- even if only for an interim basis- the board refuses to consider them. Meanwhile, even if kids do get to school- so many competent teachers have left- it’s questionable who will be there to help these new young teachers get their footing. Lolli changed principals more often than most people wash their hands.

The Montgomery County (un)Democratic Party was back in action last week- with a case of temporary amnesia. Despite agreeing to vote on both Reconstructing Dayton’s Ranked Choice initiative and a call for not spending money on the Dayton City Commission race where all candidates are Dems- last month, they didn’t make the agenda this month. Mark Owens claims he’s never been contacted either. With about 40 voting members present- well shy of a quorum- they voted by a show of hands (many with their political and real world bosses watching) voted down the no-money clause- and argued about if they can even put a link to the ranked choice initiative in the next newsletter- eventually agreeing to. See www.reconstructingdayton.org/rankedchoice for more.

Joe Lacey put up a protest about them not screening him for endorsement in the School Board race- despite them screening Jocelyn Rhynard and Karen Wick-Gagnet (who isn’t even on the ballot- only as a write in). When the vote didn’t go Joe’s way- he stomped out of the meeting like the petulant child he is. Note, one of my most popular videos that still draws comments is the one featuring Joe bullying a students mom. Watch it for a reminder of why you should say no to Joe.

And while no one seems to care that Debbie Lieberman’s former assistant now, John Theobald, is a co-founder of the company that he was steering no-bid contracts to when he worked for the county, rumors are swirling that they are going to stick him on the Montgomery County Veteran’s Service Commission to continue to reward him (or to keep him from spilling the beans). Job pays $10K a year for 2 meetings a month. Let’s hope bad behavior doesn’t get rewarded yet again.

Last but not least, Brian Higgins who served 68 days in federal prison while being assessed for competency to stand trial is now awaiting an Oct 6 court date to start the defense of his “mail fraud” case over an insurance claim on a fish tank leak. The only connection to the “culture of corruption” indictments was that the money he paid to a contractor- was money paid to the FBI confidential informant who built a patio thingy for City Commissioner Joey Williams – so he could afford to buy off the commissioner. Same guy also delivered bags of cash to Roshawn Winburn- who has yet to see the inside of a prison cell (supposedly reporting in September).

Of course, if the Department of Justice actually went to work these days- that would be a nice start to your week. I’ve tried twice to serve the local office papers in the Whaley FOIA appeal case– but, they are all “working remotely” making it impossible to serve them papers. No one in the building would sign for them- not the clerks office the floor above, not the Marshals on the first floor, not the GSA office (also empty). Pro tip- working remotely still means one person can actually be in the office to manage official business and sign for subpoenas. But, that would actually requiring a functioning DOJ office. No real worries, because I served the DC office via certified priority mail.

Maybe you’ll read about this in the Dayton day-old news- next week- or maybe never. Who knows. News isn’t what it used to be.


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