The Turner v Neuhardt “debate”

Recap: Neuhardt will raise taxes on the richest 2% and set their tax rate to what it was when Bill Clinton was president.

Turner says Neuhardt will raise taxes so government can keep spending more.

Nothing else was said.

Neuhardt wanted 3 questions answered by Turner- in both her opening and closing statements, but never inserted them into the “debate.” She mentioned the no-bid contract to his wife in the open- and forgot about it. She made the unfounded claim that Turner wants to cripple WPAFB with sequestration because of his unwillingness to raise taxes on the top 2%. She wanted to know why should Turner be reelected to Congress and lastly, She wanted to know why he spent over $200K of his campaign money on legal defense- yet, despite being a lawyer, seemed unprepared to answer the question.

Good lawyers always know the answer to the questions they ask.

At no point did she bring up any substantive ideas for how to change business as usual in Congress. She heard lots of ideas when she was facing 5 candidates (including me) in the primary- and yet, all she could do is regurgitate the standard party lines.

When Turner talked about his having the support of named Democrats- the Mayors of Miamisburg and Huber Heights- she couldn’t come back with a name of a single “republican business leader” she claimed to have discussed Turner’s performance with.

Turner has questions to answer- Neuhardt can’t ask them. Turner makes the argument that Neuhardt is untested, unknown, that she hasn’t served in office, on non-profits, local leadership. He’s right.

When he talked about Congress picking winners and losers with the bail outs- she could have come right back with the pickings of winners and losers like the development she now works in- Austin Landing, something Turner crows about as part of his Congressional pork he’s brought to town at great expense to Downtown Dayton- where Sharen used to work.

This was the first time Sharen had even seen Turner, since he feels no need to go to local candidates nights. She barely knew the man. If this is the best that the Democratic party can come up with, there will be no surprise when Turner wins with 60+% of the vote on November 6.

And, just maybe, if she’d said more than “my daddy was a Dayton Police officer, I went to Fairview, I’m a lawyer and I own a farm in Yellow Springs” while she was on the campaign trail- she wouldn’t have wasted 20 seconds of every answer with “uhs’ and “ums” and looking at notecards. This stuff should have been easy. Turner is a millionaire thanks to his pay-to-play positions in Congress and needs to be exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It’s time to demand better from the local Democratic party. We can’t continue to send lambs to the slaughter.

(and btw- the video is on WHIOTV site- but, the link, may or may not work: )

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Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

>>> Good lawyers always know the answer to the questions they ask. <<<

You’re right about that, David.  Does she know the answer to the $200k spent on legal fees?  Do you?  I’d like to know about it.

That “debate” was painful to watch.  I hope that she’s better prepared and can present her case better when she’s in front of a judge.  After the butt-kickin’ was over, I told Bubbette that Sharon probably cost TH&F several clients with her performance.

Not being a fan of Turner, I tried to pull up the Libertarian’s website ( during the debate.  It was apparently down at the time.  I tried again yesterday evening and it came up.  He would have been better off leaving it down!  If you’re going to run for national political office you should spend more than 20 minutes creating your site and update it more than once every six months.  Obviously not a serious contender.

David, as much as I disagree with MOST of your ideas and positions, I’d love to see you actually capture the Dem nomination some year.  A televised debate between you and Turner would be great entertainment!!  I doubt that it would be full of “er” and “um” and I don’t think you’d need to be reading your notecards without looking at the camera.  “Esrati for Congress – 2014!” ;)



Isn’t how campaign money spent pretty well controlled by some “oversight” group ? Have them look into it vs hoping that a journalist might do it.

David Lauri

Bubba, since you mentioned the Libertarian candidate’s website, I went and took a look at it.  My favorite part of it is “Heading 3”  from the Issues page, which says:

Phoneticize the English language. This will make it easier to learn our language.

Oy gevalt! Even assuming Mr. Harlow could get elected, how on earth does he think he could bring about reform of the English language?
By the way, I refer to the first “Heading 3” on his Issues page.  There’s another “Heading 3” below (which says “Innovative spirit”), but bless Mr. Harlow’s heart, he’s too worried about “phoneticizing” (or should that be “fonetisizing”?) the English language to worry about proof reading.


Ha! Government initiatives to “reform” the English language is hilariously, obviously un-libertarian.