Let’s send the Dayton sound global: marketing we can afford.

The Dayton Daily News finally called the Dayton Development Coalition marketing inept after their two high profile failures:

The $900k “Get Midwest” campaign that made a lot of money for Congressman Turner and his wife- and this week’s “Dayton Region Rally” which was more like a college lecture.

What we need to do is put Dayton back on the map as a place where it’s great to live, work, play and- get down and boogie (which we have done in grand style since the days of the Ohio Players- a personal fave).

Bill Pote put up a post lamenting the lack of local band airtime in a post yesterday:

no commercial radio station plays or promotes local music – not a single one. Anybody that listens to local commercial radio in Dayton would probably have no clue as to just how many original bands call Dayton home.

via Looking for Local Music on Dayton Radio | Dayton MostMetro.

And at the same time Shaine Sullivan, GM at the South Park Tavern, has been talking with his boss Bill Daniels about streaming live shows from the Tavern and putting together a streaming loop of old material. As their web host- I’ve had to look into what it takes to run a streaming server.

Then Shelly “Glad Girl Hulce” who is a local dynamo- who is always working with the Dayton Dirt Collective (another listening room) to make the local music scene hop- starts talking podcast.

I’m a big believer that there is nothing wrong with Dayton- but that we have a hard time trusting leaders (everything has to be by groupthink) and an even harder time putting our best foot forward. But, here is my proposition to all you brilliant young creatives in UpDayton and DaytonCreate etc.- instead of building a local online hub for all activities- why don’t we build an online radio streaming channel of local Dayton music- all original- all the time, and get it up on iTunes to show the talent we have in the area?

Let’s get Teradata or LexisNexis to donate the hosting and bandwidth- and maybe get some local sponsors to pay for software and recording gear, and get this up and running by year end. This is marketing that can cost a lot less than a Dayton Region Rally, and spread the word around the world. We’ll even let the DDC talk about our abundant water supply at the breaks if they pony up some cash.

I can’t wait to hear “Live from South Park Tavern, in Dayton Ohio- front man from Guided by Voices, Bob Pollard, and South Park’s own Kelley Deal with the Breeders” coming off iTunes.

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