The real criminals in our midst

If you sell a gun to a guy who kills people with it- do they stop you from selling guns? No.

If you sell a car to someone who kills people in it- do they stop you from selling cars? No.

But if you sell liquor to someone, and the police get called to deal with a drunk- then we stop you from selling liquor. Yep.

And then we wonder why there are so few places doing business in Dayton anymore.

Until Christmas day of 2010, for the two years previous, we’ve had the police on our street at least 3 times a week- all to the same house. Did the city charge them extra for the nuisance? Nope. Did they shut the house down? Nope. What finally happened is one person in the house finally went to prison- yet, in those two years the crime rate on this block skyrocketed.

And then we have Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers- a business that bucked the trend 18 years ago and moved downtown when everyone else was moving out. They happen to be just next to the “Private promenade ” of RTA where civil liberties are ignored and the law is carried out with a big stick- which forces people to loiter next door- in front of…. Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers.

They are now being threatened with losing their liquor license:

According to a March 30 letter from the Dayton City Commission to Byers, the Dayton Police Department objected to the Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers liquor permit renewal. Details of the police department’s objection were not available late Monday.

An “informal resolution” objecting to the liquor permit will have its first reading at the city commission meeting scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 13, and city commissioners will vote on the issue at their April 20 meeting, the letter said.

In his email, Byers asks customers to come to either commission meeting “and speak on our behalf.” Byers wrote, “If I cannot garner support in this matter, then I will accept that (Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers) is no longer viable downtown.”

The restaurant has been open for 18 years.

via Restaurant owner objects to police opposition to liquor license renewal.

This is not a rough-neck bar- nor, one that has brawls breaking out either. It’s actually a family friendly kind of place. Yet, somehow, instead of arresting the drunks, we’re going after the business that employs probably 40 people, feeds downtown workers, and pays taxes.

I urge each and every one of you to consider writing an e-mail in support of Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers- or at least adding your comments to this post- which will be read by the members of the City Commission.

Maybe we should use the same logic for our police department? CB&CB pays taxes for the police to do their jobs- arresting the people causing problems. If the police can’t do their job- maybe we should take away their badges and their jobs instead?


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