Whassup? Are you better off than you were 8 years ago?

When this campaign first hit, it connected with a country that could still laugh at ourselves.

Now, things have changed.

Something to think about before you vote.

Thanks to John for pointing this video out.

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I have more money, so I am better off in that area. I am 8 years older, so 8 years closer to my death. I am not better off for that – but this blog may be.

8 years ago I got black balled – so anything is better than that BS.

8 years ago I was 20 pounds lighter – so I wish it were 8 years ago.

But I have 8 (ironically) nieces and nephews who are under the age of 8 so therefore I am better of today with those 8 around (total of 15) so it is more than twice as good.

8 years ago Ohio State had not won a National Championship in football since 1968 – they have won in the last eight years, so that is better. Way better.

I was in a car accident almost 8 years ago to the day – that day sucked, but I survived.

9-11 had not happened 8 years ago – so 8 years ago was better for this reason.

Point is life changes all the time. People are not entitled to be better off from one day to the next. What they need to be is grateful that they even have such a silly question to ponder.

J.R. Locke

Funny. Well put together short.

8 years of the worst president, what do you expect. I still can’t get past the fact that I was alive for the most incompetent and unqualified president of the U.S.of A. G.W. you made these last 8 years memorable!


Wow – that is priceless.

Stolen and linked :)