US attacks Syria: Story on page 9?

On September 11th 2001, the US was attacked. It took balls and a lot of hatred to do it. It wasn’t an attack by a nation, but of a small group of extremists- and it was the rationale for the US to invade 2 countries, spend billions of dollars, and try to impose “regime change” because, well- because we think we have that right.

Diplomacy be damned.

Now, a little over a week before we decide between a Statesman and a Shooter- we have the old guy, attacking yet another soverign nation- and it only makes page 9 of the Dayton Daily Newsless:

The deadly U.S. raid into Syria may complicate efforts to win approval for a new U.S.-Iraqi security deal by drawing attention to a fact many Iraqis detest — that they can’t control everything American forces might do.

Syrian officials say U.S. troops and helicopters launched the raid Sunday inside Syrian territory close to the Iraqi border, killing eight people.

The U.S. command in Baghdad would not comment, but a U.S. military official said American special forces targeted the network that smuggles fighters and weapons into Iraq. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the raid was classified.

Analysis: Raid into Syria complicates Iraq’s ties.

This is a paper that’s “informing” people who have the keys to the next election. Page fricking 9.

What’s worse, this raid was the kind we should have been doing all along, instead of trying to control countries (remember, we were attacked by a small group of extremists). But, because we went big first, instead of tactical, now, this tactical use of force just looks like a preamble to something bigger.

Had we had a smarter leader in 2001, our doctrine for dealing with terrorism might have been much more efficient- attacking the attackers, instead of entire countries. Had our economy not imploded, maybe we would be paying more attention to this incursion, yet somehow I doubt it.

Either way- this doesn’t belong on page 9 of any “news” paper.

And, we don’t have to be in Iraq and Afghanistan as occupation forces to take the fight to the terrorists. Something to think about if you still think “winning in Iraq” makes any difference at all.

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Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

Its Syria – Who cares about a Muslim nation that does not have democracy or OUR crack (oil).

PS Your reward for being a Prophet

Yes, there is a lesson: People who tell the people at the top of large organizations what they don’t want to hear never make it to the top of those large organizations. A few top dogs, if they are exceptionally wise, might keep a few dissidents around just to provide an early warning system and an antidote to groupthink. I emphasize, these are very much the rare exceptions and not the rule. None of those token dissidents should ever labor under any delusion that they are on the ladder toward the top; they are strictly hired help. Furthermore, they are usually the very first to get the axe when the new top dog ascends to his lofty throne.

This isn’t the way it should be, and it explains a lot of what is wrong with our governments, businesses, universities, and other institutions. Unfortunately, this is the way it is. Too bad no one was able to explain this to her up front.

“Prophet” has never been a very rewarding profession, at least as far as any worldly rewards are concerned. If that is your chosen career path, you had best adjust your expectations to look for purely psychic or spiritual rewards, because those are about all that you are going to get.