Watch out for more State sponsored corporate welfare

Instead of going to GM and asking for the money back that they’ve gotten in tax abatements over the years- or making GM actually pay into unemployment instead of using it as a bank account for their crazy layoff schedules, a bunch of “leaders” are going to go drop to their knees asking the General to please stay.

Fact is- GM could be looking at higher gas prices as an opportunity, and gear up to build small, gas efficient cars right here in Dayton. Something they should have thought about doing before paying Rick Wagoner 15.7 million last year.

Realize that the cost of shipping cars (even small ones) from Japan has gone up too, and with the devalued dollar, those cars will cost a lot more. We won WWII in 4 years, no reason GM can’t have a new car on the line in less. If GM can’t do it, maybe we should be sending the bigwigs over to India to talk to Tata motors, offering them the GM plant for free- after we seize it, with eminent domain- including all tooling and machinery, in lieu of payback for their years of enjoying tax breaks and low interest government financing.

Task force to meet about GM plant closure – Dayton Business Journal:
Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge and Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher are co-chairing a regional task force to deal with the impending loss of the General Motors Corp. Moraine truck assembly plant.

The group, Regional Response Task Force-GM Moraine, is working to address job retention, workforce development and site redevelopment in the area.

The 40-member task force is comprised of legislative and business leaders.

Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin, Moraine City Manager Dave Hicks, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and Preble County Commissioner David Wesler are among the leaders on the task force.

“Hopefully, something can come out of this,” Wesler said. “We are making a concentrated effort to keep jobs in the Dayton area.”

GM’s decision to close the plant by 2010 or earlier will eliminate 2,400 jobs at the plant, as well as indirect job losses for suppliers and other services.

Wesler said his hope is to get the plant to stay open.

“I sure hope so,” he said. “We have good politicians that can help out and we have a tremendous workforce here.”

The first meeting of the Regional Response Task Force-GM Moraine is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Dayton Cultural and RTA Center.

Any thoughts?

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