Tax abatements

Watch out for more State sponsored corporate welfare

Instead of going to GM and asking for the money back that they’ve gotten in tax abatements over the years- or making GM actually pay into unemployment instead of using it as a bank account for their crazy layoff schedules, a bunch of “leaders” are going to go drop to their knees asking the General Read More

The big problem is we’re getting smaller.

Population loss isn’t the same as weight loss. Putting people back in your community isn’t easy. And, believe it or not- just like love- you can’t buy them either. This is our fundamental problem in Dayton (the big D- not just the city proper). Since our politicians are so focused on income (both the tax Read More

If we cared as much about education as football in Ohio

Ohio State just lost another football national championship. Boo-hoo. Maybe it’s a curse. Maybe when the State Legislature gets serious and deals with the un-constitutional school funding system the curse will be lifted. Educating children should come before winning football games. I’d rather live in a State with the best schools in the country, with Read More