A million dollar shooting range?

Last week, the City Commission voted themselves a raise- and to buy a new shooting range at the Dayton Police Academy.

And I have to ask? Why is Dayton the only department that can’t accept officers trained by the State training program? Why do we continue to dedicate several officers, full time, to staff a program that may produce 20 officers every couple of years?

If we can’t run an academy full-time, and make money at it- we should seriously consider closing it down- and the same can be said of the Fire Academy.

For our million dollar investment- we could easily rent out a private range for training, and spend the rest on rec centers- which are a much better crime deterrent.

On a much lighter note (this is tongue in cheek- for those of you who think all political discourse must be serious)
If our academy is so fine- why do people fear speeding in Oakwood and Kettering and not in Dayton? Maybe we need to spend more time teaching officers to write tickets- instead of how to shoot. After all, tickets are a revenue generator- shooting subjects just starts expensive lawsuits.

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