How to save money on your electric bill in Dayton

Community wide aggregation was supposed to help you get the lowest prices on your utility bill and is generally a great idea. Except, when the City of Dayton decides to be all high and mighty and pick a deal that includes a green power premium rate plan.

Not that I’m against clean energy, but, there are places and ways to encourage clean energy, and taking it out of Dayton Citizen’s pockets monthly isn’t the answer. Maybe if they’d required all the warehouses that they gave away valuable airport land to- include solar roofs, I’d be all in. But, the city didn’t- because there’s no vision in city hall.

What happened was you recently got a letter, mine was dated 5/25/23 that told me I had to choose my utility by 6/1/23 or I’d be locked in to the city deal. I got the letter on 6/2/23 and was able to make the choice and saved on my kwh rate for the next two years. How much you ask? The city deal was for two years from AEP Energy Inc and was at .0905 per Kilowatt Hour.
I found a two year deal from Public Power for .0699k/Wh with no cancellation fee or other tie ins and made the switch. Now, this only refers to the cost of the electricity, not the distribution, billing and all the other stuff. And while the savings aren’t huge .0206 per k/Wh, it adds up.

The key is taking a few minutes to go to the State of Ohio comparison site- often called “Apples to Apples” and select your vendor. It’s pretty simple.

At my house, the average historical use is about 1500k/Wh a month – which means about $371 a year in savings.

Take a few minutes and figure out what your savings could be and let the wonders of deregulation work in your favor. Note, if you select a plan with no costs and no termination fees- you could find a better price at times.

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