Turner now hates losing at the auction

Congressman Mike Turner has never had a problem taking money for his services. Every time he’s run, it’s been at least a million bucks to keep him fueling the military industrial complex with pork projects the military didn’t even want. He made sure to keep the Abrams tank in updates (the plant is in Lima) and he bought the C-27J for the Air Force who didn’t want it- so they gave it to SOCOM. He talks about “supporting the base” as if it is really going to go anywhere, or that his voice really matters all that much. Word on the street is that he has no friends in Congress- and the one friend he did have, well, the other member of congress (Darryl Issa, R-CA) who was at his short lived second marriage, he ended up in a lawsuit against.

That’s Missile Mikey in action. As our Mayor, he ran Reynolds & Reynolds out of the city center- out to Kettering, built giant fountains after paying off some local mobsters for the property to put the fifth fountain on, arrested me for wearing a mask to a commission meeting (I was ahead of my time) and losing in court, over and over, before settling for $100K. He lost to Rhine McLin, and waltzed right into a custom designed new district that he could win- from Tony Hall, who got suckered out of his job for a fake job with the Vatican. Since then, the local dems have been unable to run a competent opponent with- Rick Carne, Jane Mitikides, Joe Roberts, Sharon Neuhardt, Theresa Gasper- have all tried and lost. I threw- or tried to throw my hat in a few times, which lead me to produce this spot- which still applies:

Even in a bad year, with a crappy 25 year old opponent, Turner outspent his opposition 10 to 1, just because he could- and, of course, he would hire his first wife’s firm to do the work. That he also made sure she got work from non-locals like the Home Depot PAC, the Army Corps of Engineers (while he sat on the Defense Appropriations Committee) and the final nail- all the work she did on “Get Midwest” for the Dayton Development Coalition- was just a little bit of his “judicious use” of PAC money to enrich himself. You don’t end up being a millionaire on a Congressman’s pay any other way….

So his whining today about being out raised by Desiree “Daughter of Dayton” Tims today just has me shedding crocodile tears for our poor congressman.

“There’s some enthusiasm from within the area, there may be some Democrats who live in Cincinnati and Dayton who haven’t given in the past but they think this candidate has a real shot so now they are opening up their wallet,”

Hannah said. “But also there’s quite a bit of outside money, people who just want to see more Democrats elected to office.”

For example, Schroder received over $240,000 from House Victory Project 2020, a joint-fundraising committee that donated similar amounts to Democrats across the country this cycle. Over $700,000 has been funneled through Act- Blue to Tims’ campaign and over $400,000 to Schroder’s campaign.

Turner said in an emailed statement, “Unbelievably, Desiree’s DC lobbyist connections have funneled over $1.5 million from outside of our community in an attempt to buy this congressional seat.” (emphasis added)

“Voters can see the projects I’ve worked for as mayor and as their congressman, and I appreciate their support.”

Also in an emailed statement, Tims thanked her donors who chipped in “$5, $10, $25 donations.”

“Unlike my opponent, I don’t take corporate PAC donations,” she said.

“Instead, I’m running a campaign fueled by grassroots energy. I come from a working-class family and that’s who I’ll fight for in Congress.”….

• Ohio 10th Congressional District: U.S. Rep.

Mike Turner (R) vs. Desiree Tims (D) Total raised: $3.3 million State rank: 4 In the second and third quarters of this year, Tims outraised Turner by enough of a margin to overtake him.

According to ProPublica, Tims has raised $1.7 million, 6.9% from PACs, while Turner raised $1.6 million, 30.5% from PACs. Ohio’s 10th Congressional District covers Montgomery, Greene and Fayette counties.

Source: Congressional races attract big money to region – Dayton Daily News

It’s long past time to put some caps on buying a seat at the table- and limiting our choices to the better of two people picked by a party primary. Now is the time to allow everyone to vote in primaries- using Ranked Choice/Instant runoff systems to allow other voices to be heard at the table. Reality is- there are more people who refuse to join either party by voting in a primary in Ohio- leaving their voice largely muted in the discussion. Right now, it’s just a Facebook group (that needs your membership) but Ranked Choice Ohio is a start to make this happen. This is also a part of the Reconstructing Dayton platform.

Speaking of which, Reconstructing Dayton just released its mission statement video:

We believe if we moved to a sensible unigov solution in Montgomery County and the region, not only would our ranking by size and power go up, but voters would actually breed better candidates than cretins like Turner. BTW- Turner once claimed he was a “never Trumper” before jumping on the Trump train full force- with a 95% suck up voting record.

Tims may be new to our local political scene, but, don’t blame her- our local parties won’t let anyone run without you “waiting your turn” and be granted ballot access by the Monarchy of Montgomery County. Hopefully, if Tims wins, she tells the local party to clean up it’s act- or reformulates a true Democratic Party to support her in the future- because the current one needed an enemy like Trump to finally start doing it’s job.

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