Jane Mitakides for Congress

Turner now hates losing at the auction

Congressman Mike Turner has never had a problem taking money for his services. Every time he’s run, it’s been at least a million bucks to keep him fueling the military industrial complex with pork projects the military didn’t even want. He made sure to keep the Abrams tank in updates (the plant is in Lima) Read More

DDN endorses Mitakides, barely

With their normal, negative bent, the Eddie Roth-less editorial board begins their “endorsement” talking about losing. Of course, they would have said the same thing about Abraham Lincoln, but no matter. They then go on to say that Turner is unbeatable. Next comes that Jane Mitakides raised impressive amounts of money last time she got Read More

It’s OK that the Montgomery County Democratic Party endorsed Jane Mitakides for Congress

As of today, the slightly behind the times party still has Richard Chema as their candidate on the site. Apparently they also sent out an e-mail saying they “Unanimously endorsed Jane Mitakides for Congress” however, since the vote of the screening committee which made the endorsement, was behind closed doors- we’ll never know if that Read More