Too many stories, too little time

FBI special agent in charge of the region should resign, or be fired. He’s Mr. “Culture of Corruption” law and order, and yet, his prize catch, former Dayton City Commissioner Joey D. Williams, spent only 3 months and 21 days in prison of a one year term. Nevermind the fact that Deters seems to be colorblind, only going after Black people in a region rife with corruption. Williams now gets to “suffer” home detention- where he’s basically in the same situation that most of us are in thanks to Covid 19. Home detention where he can have consensual sex instead of the prison kind when you drop the soap. What message does this send to the real public figures who run a huge pay to play racket in town?

I’m waiting on huge public records requests on a few corrections officers in the jail that need correcting. These two are in jail everyday, just on the wrong side of the bars. I tried to let the public know about the absolutely abysmal protocols for treating Covid in the Montgomery County jail, but when you have a Sheriff who is willing to allow sociopaths as captors, why worry about a little virus? The lawsuits will be epic- as will the settlements.

While Wright State is floundering openly like a beached hagfish (I’ve got no idea what a hagfish is, but an expert on them is running the university into the ground), I’ve been working on yet another approach to uncovering the incompetence, since straight reporting is ignored. While every university is struggling with what to do about Covid on Campus, Wright State promoted the criminal who was one of the chief architects of their $130M fall from grace (and they are safe from Joe Deters because all of them are white or Indian or a pretentious “pacific islander”- No Black people to charge here Joe Deters). This plan should start to roll next week, after critical review by some very highly placed and influential confidants.

The City of Centerville is being twisted and turned by a City Manager who seems to think that his teflon coated connections keep him safe from being fried, but, as the truth comes out, he, and the City Commission who seem to be protecting him, will all lose big. There is a nasty past to Wayne Davis, where he was charged with domestic violence and then the charges were dropped, a DUI, and then his rise to where he is now. Davis, who is now married to Judge Huffman, has caused the sleepy town of Centerville to look more like Dayton Public Schools when it comes to turnover with at least 17 top people leaving since the little dictator came to town from the “City of Montgomery” (Let’s be clear here- 10K people is not a city, and really- neither is 24K people in Centerville, the idea of even allowing these tax hogging duplicators of services to exist is a crime against Ohioans). Davis tried to fire police Sgt. James Myers, who was more than qualified to be City Manager than he was- having done an entire, blemish free career in Centerville, for something as minor as writing a letter in support of someone who Davis the Dictator had fired. Now, Davis is promoting one of the other Sgt’s despite a long record of questionable personal choices, as the lawsuit over the firing of Myers is still in it’s infancy. Myers’ attorney, Jeff Silverstein, will end up owning Centerville by the time this is over.

While we’re on the subject of HR turmoil, the horrible people running Dayton Public Schools, Dr. Elizabeth Lolli and Dr. Sheila Burton, with a school board of idiots cheering them on, are once again playing musical chairs with school leadership throughout the district. Of the 28 buildings, there isn’t one that’s had the same leadership for 3 years running. Folks, this isn’t how functioning organizations work. Of course, the fact that Lolli and Burton have been handing out very expensive consulting contracts to their church friends is overlooked, and when you realize that Lori Ward ran the district with just 2 assistants, David Lawrence and Lisa Minor, Lolli has at least 5. Oh, and did I mention that Ward had 50% more students?

Lolli is in the final year of her very juicy 3 year contract which has her overpaid and not accountable to anyone. She’s already a retire-rehire and has just increased her base pension by at least 50%. In the meantime, student achievement, enrollment, graduation rates, morale, are all the worst of all time. Her hires, and there have been many, often quit before their first year is up. This board didn’t even consider interviewing outside candidates when hiring her and seemed oblivious to the fact that she was brought to the district by Rhonda Corr who was “fired” in disgrace. When I say “fired” I have to qualify it, because when most of us taxpayers get fired, our paychecks stop. Not so for Corr. Or for the guy the last board should have hired instead of Corr- the internal candidate and assistant superintendent David Lawrence. Lawrence took his hush money and immediately went to work on his PhD and to work as an Elementary School Principal in Northmont, a functioning district where school buildings have the same principal and staff for decades.

Coming up is either a search for a new superintendent (unlikely) or some kind of raise and additional contract for Lolli, of which she won’t complete and the taxpayers will continue to pay for. This will be done before the “Slate” candidates have to run for re-election or higher office (rumors abound that both Mohammed Al-Hamdani and Jocelyn Rhynard have their sights set on City Commission or Mayor next year.)

Speaking of the City Commission and Mayor: Mims probably won’t run again and Nan would love to get rid of Fairchild even though he’s got no power or voice or inkling to resist her. That means Nan needs 2 more puppets in her show. The Mayor thinks she’ll be in a Cabinet level position in the Biden presidency- saving us from her, when she really should be in prison for extortion and pay to play. Filling her seat will be a special election or during the primary, and she’s probably been dangling that out to a few people to manipulate more people to pray on her alter.

Any candidate wanting to run for school board or city commission is faced with a daunting task of getting over 300 and 500 good signatures from voters in the middle of a pandemic where personal interaction and touching a pen could be a death sentence. Of course, no one cares that you can run for Congress with just 50 signatures – and change this stupid law- at least temporarily for this cycle. Now is the time to start collecting City Commission signatures which are usually due in February (when it’s really cold)- and make sure you dot every “i” and cross every “t” so that the Board of (S)Elections doesn’t play gotcha with your petitions.

Speaking of the BOE, they are still working really hard on fining and prosecuting every minor candidates campaign finance reports, questioning amounts off that are less than $1. Of course, since they can’t properly name and post these non-ADA compliant reports (which are all self-reported) it’s really hard to go and check on any of this or who gave to whom. Of course, since we don’t elect anyone over the BOE (they are appointed by the two corrupt and illegitimate political party crime syndicates in town) the whole system is rigged.

There are other stories waiting to be written.  I never have to worry about losing one to the Dayton Daily snooze, which is at record low staffing and has an Editor who can’t find a story unless his people read it on first. There is a story coming of epic incompetence in a county office that should be amazing, but it may have an even bigger twist of stupid in the works.

I know this reads more like a pile of innuendo and rumors and editorializing instead of a news story with documented evidence, but, as the NY Times says, Democracy dies in the dark, and there’s only so much light in my Covid encapsulated isolation tank.

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Thank you for being a reader.

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