I really feel terrible about it too.

No oversight on $46 Million? And, the FBI and the county are going after Raleigh Trammell for his little scrape?  Sounds like JFS director Christy Novell and County Administrator Deborah Feldman should be under investigation and on leave without pay until they understand that this is a major violation of the public trust and their duty.

Montgomery County failed to follow its own rules requiring that staff visit the sites of organizations that received $46 million in public money to provide social services last year, County Administrator Deborah Feldman said Tuesday, March 23.

She said very few of the 236 contracts managed by the county Department of Job and Family Services were fully monitored last year, and officials believe the problem also occurred in 2008.

“I really feel terrible about it,” said Christy Norvell, director of JFS.

via County failed to monitor groups getting millions in public money.

If anyone wonders where anti-government sentiment comes from, it’s when public officials make lame-ass apologies, instead of admitting fault. Of course, they have nothing on the line. No profit and loss statement to be reviewed by the banker, no responsibility to investors to make good on the money entrusted to them, and no risk of losing their job, pension or freedom apparently.

I’m sorry- but, if you fail to handle public money responsibly, you don’t deserve a paycheck or a pension, and may even belong in jail. It’s crooks like you that destroy our system more than the punks who broke into my office. Our political system only works when we can trust that the people in it are doing their job.

Feeling “terrible” about it doesn’t cut the mustard.

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