Three former mayors endorse A.J. Wagner

With today’s announcement that former Dayton Mayor Mike Turner, now Congressman for the 10th district, endorses A.J. Wagner over Nan Whaley- that puts three former mayors behind Wagner. Current mayor, Independent Gary Leitzell, who had to “work” with Whaley for the last 3.8 years, already had backed Wagner, as had former Mayor Rhine McLin- who used to be the leader of Whaley’s team.

Leitzell has told me that he’s had more meaningful conversations with Wagner over the last 3 months, than he’s had with Whaley in the last 3 years. McLin who lost to Leitzell in a surprise underdog upset, has backed Wagner from the primary. Considering that four years ago, Whaley was McLin’s best friend and shadow- hints to the real nature of Whaley’s purely political nature- using whomever she can to get what she wants.

Hopefully Dayton voters will see that anyone willing to spend north of $400,000 to get a job that only gives Whaley a $7,000 a year raise and the ability to marry people, is a megalomaniac.

Apparently after McLin lost, and was no longer of value to Whaley, she told her something to the effect of “shut up and go away, no one wants you anymore” according to confidential sources. Placing McLin on the Board of Elections also guaranteed that she wouldn’t run for commission or mayor against Whaley.

The only odd bird out in the mayoral endorsements is Clay Dixon who is backing the party line- and Whaley, despite A.J. having served as Dixon’s campaign manager when he won the race for mayor.

This is the first time Turner has weighed in on local politics, but after the constant meddling by U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown in local races, maybe he felt it was appropriate. This may be the first and only time I’ve agreed with Turner, other than when he passed legislation banning the use of construction debris as backfill for demolitions in Dayton.

The question is what we’ll see in the mailer war between now and election day- and what goes on TV and radio and if voters really care who the Montgomery County Democrats endorse.

Considering that Whaley is stupid enough to spend money mailing pieces with Wagner’s face and name on it- is a good indication of how quickly this campaign could backfire on her, no matter how much money and union help she has. Already, the UAW has endorsed Wagner- and many union members have told me that although their unions have backed her, they are voting for Wagner.

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