A suggestion for Ted Strickland

If you own a small business in Ohio, and do your taxes yourself, you have encountered one of the worst website designs ever: The Ohio Business Gateway.

What should be a simple process: enter your account (each business has a vendor ID number) and a dashboard with the forms you are required to enter and due dates should be displayed.

Instead: you get access to every form possible, with the onus of knowing what you have to do on the small business person. Not only that, the “Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services”- a fancy name for “Unemployment”- still requires you to fill out a paper form and send it in- after you have done it online. This is totally unacceptable.

Local income tax collection is also a municipality by municipality affair- instead of being centralized at the State level.

Small business is how big business gets started. The last thing the State needs to do is be collecting fines and wasting resources on collecting taxes through a system so obtuse only an accountant or IRS man could love.

Simplify the system for small business and you will see more small business growth.

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