There’s facts- and then there is the Dayton Daily news: Dayton Commission edition.

This isn’t anything new, Trump talked about “Fake news” for a long time, but the Dayton Daily news tries to believe it has competent staff.

First error in yesterdays story about the latest election:

Fairchild managed to pull it off in 2018, when he defeated the endorsed candidate and newcomer Daryl Ward in a special election to replace Commissioner Joey Williams, who stepped down amid a bribery scandal.

Source: Turner-Sloss, Fairchild pull off rare feat in race – Dayton Daily News

Nope. Williams claimed that the pressures of his new job as Key bank regional president were the reason for stepping down on Feb 21, 2018 after his re-election to a 5th term. First elected to start in 2001, he won in 2005, 2009, 2013 and 2017- all except 2009- he was the leading vote getter (Whaley beat him in her second commission race). The timing was just perfect- so that the upcoming primary would serve as a special election date- in which the dem party hoped to run the well known pastor Daryl Ward against the field. What they weren’t counting on was only 1 opponent- hoping for a split field, and keeping their lock on the process. The only challenger was reverend Darryl Fairchild who bested Ward in a close, low turnout race.

At this point, no one had heard the utterance of the “Culture of Corruption” or that there was a federal investigation going on. That didn’t pop on the public until April 30, 2019- long after his stepping down. It coincided with his youngest son’s graduation from high school. This blog, told it’s readers on May 6 of 2019 who the players were. A year later, when the Dayton Daily figured out that Williams was a snitch- I published the actual report from Williams first day on the job as a CI (confidential informant). The Feds sent me legal threats to destroy any material I had acquired along with this document later in the trial of Brian Higgins, a local businessman who got caught in the middle of their sting operation that only prosecuted Black folks.

As if that isn’t enough for mistakes, the paper goes on to call Shenise Turner Sloss the third Black woman to serve on the Commission:

Turner-Sloss, the third Black woman to be elected to the city commission,

Not true. In 1991, Idotha Bootsie Neal won, making her the first. Next up, Edythe Lewis, who won in a special election in 2001 to replace her husband, Lloyd Lewis who died in office after being elected in 1997- along with Mary Wiseman who was the first openly gay Commissioner. Wiseman is now a Montgomery County Common Pleas judge. The third, was Rhine McLin, who was elected Mayor in 2001- which makes Turner-Sloss number four.

Facts aside, it was a big deal that two un-endorsed candidates won. Fairchild had played that game with the party and been thrown under the bus, withdrawing from his first run so the party could install the favorite son, Jeff J Mims Jr- in 2013. He’s now Mayor elect. The next time Fairchild ran without the party and he lost. He tried again and lost. Only with a party endorsement, an open seat, or a special election do people ascend in modern times. The parties run the board of elections and work as gatekeepers finding ways to keep non-endorsed candidates off the ballot as a starting obstacle, then the mechanics of running, and the money to prevail are difficult to manage.

Considering Mark Owens and the Dem Party fielded two endorsed candidates, played dirty pool and lost, isn’t really relevant to the success of Fairchild and Sloss. The mold is set- it takes 3 times on the ballot and a ton of work and money to prevail. The last to do so was Commissioner Dean Lovelace who the party also shunned.

The real question is why are voters stupid enough to believe that an endorsement of the Democratic party is still meaningful year in, year out. They’ve backed other horrid candidates- like Joe Lacey for school board in this race. They gave us Clayton Luckie who spent 3 years in prison after using campaign funds for his personal use. They back folks like Debbie Lieberman who steers contracts to her friends. They’ve turned away more good candidates over the years than I can count- to make sure their monarchy survives. The real question is have the rank and file Democrats had enough? And will they take the party apparatus and it’s plethora of patronage jobs away from these sycophants?

Stay tuned.


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