A good guy gets shot.

Chris Grant

Chris Grant- Flexing for a laugh

A little over a month ago- I was helping the people of PUSH- Professionals United for Sexual Health- work on a charity auction. They had 18 bachelors (including Greg Hunter) volunteer to be “auctioned off” to eligible women for a date package.

I took the pictures of most of the bachelors- and got to meet some amazing people. One of whom was Chris Grant who works at Wright State in the Athletic Department for my college friend, Athletic Director, Bob Grant.

One of the ways I judge people’s competency, is by what kind of people they hire. Two of Bob’s new hires were in the auction- and both were just absolutely amazing guys. Polite, bright, interested in the community- and- jocks (it is the athletic department after all). I even tried to fix-up Jack Leopard with my girlfriend’s co-worker.

Today I hear that Chris got shot yesterday:

An employee of the Wright State athletic department is recovering in Tuscaloosa, Ala., after suffering a gunshot wound early Sunday, May 16, in an incident that left one dead and eight injured and is being called one of the worst shootings in that city’s history.

Chris Grant, special assistant to the athletic director at WSU, was attending a high school graduation party for a younger sister when the shooting occurred, said his father, Michael.

Michael Grant, the men’s basketball coach at Stillman College and the former coach at Central State, said a bullet entered Chris Grant’s right side, passed through his liver and exited his body. Chris Grant also suffered a cracked rib and is breathing with the assistance of a breathing tube, his father said.

Michael Grant said Chris’ liver has started to heal and that doctors were performing more tests Monday morning.

via WSU athletic department employee victim in mass Ala. shooting | Wright State University sports.

And no, he wasn’t shot in Dayton.

So far the news indicates that Chris will pull through- but, if you’d like to say a prayer for a really nice guy, who deserves a ton of support- please join me in rooting for a full recovery.

For all of you 2nd Amendment lovers- I’d rather have a few less guns- and an intact Chris Grant any day. A well regulated militia doesn’t let the good guys take a bullet at a graduation party. That’s not the America I believe in.

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