The Sunday Dayton Daily News: another uninspired effort

Real news is hard to come by in the Sunday Dayton Daily News- but, we thought for today’s Dayton Grassroots Daily Show we’d dissect it for you.

The DDN just figured out that Governor Ted Strickland isn’t looking too good for a second term. Too bad he doesn’t have a Dem challenger- a primary would help him sharpen his message. If elections didn’t cost so much- maybe we’d have more participation?

Turner is going to run unopposed? Is that news? He’s basically run unopposed every time. Has anyone questioned why? Especially since you don’t actually have to live in a Congressional district to run for it.

We are also treated to a really silly editorial about the DHL facility in Wilmington:

Hundreds of millions of dollars — private and public — have been put into the facility. It is a stunning 1,500-acre asset that can’t be wasted.

DHL’s plan is to turn the park over to Wilmington officials by Feb. 28. Until that happens, people who are interested in the site are going to hold on to some skepticism.

But the handover is going to happen, and the region needs to be ready to move when the deal is inked.

Gov. Ted Strickland was at an event last week when DHL repeated its intentions. This is an election year, so he’s especially eager to be seen as working to bring jobs to the state. But beyond that, the state has poured $99 million into road improvements at the site.

Ohio and specifically the Department of Development have a huge stake in making sure the facility is put to its fullest and best use. Otherwise, a lot of taxpayer money went for nothing.

via Editorial: DHL’s re-use matters beyond just Wilmington | A Matter of Opinion.

Yep, they just figured out that the government has spent “hundreds of millions” of taxpayer money for nothing. Yet, they continue to back the “economic development” by government dog and pony show.

The sad thing about DHL is this wasn’t the first one of these air freight hubs to go south on taxpayer life support- nope, we had Emery Air Freight here in Dayton that did the exact same thing.

We kept it at 5:35 so, sit back and enjoy:

If you thought anything else was stupid in the paper- feel free to share.

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