The real debacle of Warren Price

Warren Price was highly regarded in his previous jobs.

He brought in an outsider to run the economic development department in Dayton.

He was the “unanimous top pick” of the the Dayton City Commission.

And now he’s gone, and no one on the City Commission has offered a legitimate reason why.

Not only that- they paid him off to leave quietly- with our tax dollars. The paper reports north of $40K- which is almost double the median income of a family of four in Dayton. That’s ludicrous and an insult to the working poor in Dayton.

Putting Shelly Dickstein in charge instead of Terry Slaybaugh was an epic mistake- had Slaybaugh not taken his show to Milwaukee for a short stint after being passed over for the City Manager job- he’d be in it now. With Nan- it’s all about loyalty to her.

The question people have asked me is “What’s the real reason the Price wasn’t right?” Considering I’m on a 3-week motorcycle journey on the West Coast- I’m not in a position to dig around. We’ll see if the Dayton Daily news or the Dayton Business Journal decides to excavate this story.

My guess is that we’re seeing a butting of heads between Nan- who wants to be a strong Mayor leader- and a city manager who wanted to do the job properly- something that’s been sorely missing for the last 20 years. Go back to the Valerie Lemmie/Mike Turner partnership- or Rick Helwig to see how it was supposed to be done.

The only answer I have for Dayton residents is think long and hard before voting for the party boys or the preacher posse come November. I’m going with the men of god. We need someone able to distinguish between a higher power and Nan on the commission in guiding their actions and telling us the truth.

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