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The real debacle of Warren Price

Warren Price was highly regarded in his previous jobs. He brought in an outsider to run the economic development department in Dayton. He was the “unanimous top pick” of the the Dayton City Commission. And now he’s gone, and no one on the City Commission has offered a legitimate reason why. Not only that- they Read More

Warren Price we hardly knew you

I interrupt my cross-country motorcycle trip to bring you this update: Dayton can’t have two strong personalities in charge. The exiting of Warren Price barely 9 months into his job as Nan’s bitch boy is reminiscent of the short stay of the last “change agent” city manager we hired- Bill Estabrook. Estabrook came to town Read More

Warren Price named new Dayton city manager

If Warren Price was so informed through interviews, undoubtedly, he read some of It’s probably impossible to read all of it at this point- 2,323 Posts, 20,354 Comments. It’s been informing Dayton since 2005, which makes this the granddaddy of all Dayton political blogs and alternative news sources. I look at this as your Read More

Is Dayton broke? Or not?

The point of belt tightening seems to be lost on the former City Manager and the City Commission. When you are facing a $20 million hole, you don’t give pay raises- of any sort, pre-negotiated or not. It’s called living within your means- it’s called doing the right thing, it’s called avoiding layoffs later. The Read More

Credibility of leadership, City of Dayton style

As a City Commissioner, I wouldn’t be writing this. I would however be calling an executive session to discuss the conduct of a manager with the City Manager. It’s not the drunk driving that concerns me, although, I believe drunk driving to be one of the most underrated felonies, it’s the actions both of the Read More

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