It’s nice when Republicans endorse you

I’ve just grabbed an excerpt from a post about me, from Jim Crotty (yes, of the Van Dyne/Crotty clan) supporting my candidacy. Jim is a fellow veteran, and one of the most talented nature photographers I’ve encountered. Read the whole thing if you get a chance: » Straying from photography for a minute . . .
I’ve witnessed firsthand such people malign and label David Esrati only to reveal much more about themselves than about David. I don’t always agree with David’s political views, but when it comes to understanding basic economics as well as the application of innovative, original thinking, David is a bright light shining in what has increasingly become a stagnant cesspool of predictable, average, fearful and just going “through the motions,” middle management-type empty suits.

David is that bright reminder of what made Dayton so great so long ago, but with the added benefit of actually understanding the economy of the future, which by the way Daytonians, is already here. Sorry to shock and surprise you. Again.

Thank you Jim.

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