The mystery of 10 N. Williams Street

Following a hunch, the closing of the post office at 10 N. Williams Street made me do some digging. From today’s Dayton Daily News:

At risk, according to a list released by the Cincinnati District of the U.S. Postal Service are:

* Station B Finance, 10 N. Williams St.

via ‘No job cuts’ from 5 post offices on list for possible closure.

I wanted to see who owned the building and maybe find out how much rent the Post Office was paying.

Heading over to the Montgomery County Treasurers office site- I find that the City owns a vacant lot at 20 N. Williams Street- and Google Maps confirms there is a post office at 10 N. Williams Street– but the treasurer’s office doesn’t have a listing at all for 10 N. Williams (you have to enter in Williams St. and North- FAIL). Odd.

However, when doing a search on just Williams St- it comes up 8-10 Williams Street, and the property shows up belonging to Scherrie McLin–  Mayor Rhine McLin’s sister, who ostensibly bought it 12 Feb 1992 for $30,000

The tax bills, until 2007 were sent to the Germantown St. address that the Mayor used to live at, but now are delivered to Scherrie’s home in Dayton View. When did the US Post Office decide to put an office here?

And, how much was the Post Office paying in rent? Both of these tidbits of information may be quite interesting to tax payers.

Is knowing about a potential post office, and then buying a building to rent one of those perks of being in office? In the corporate world, it’s called insider trading. In Dayton, it’s a foul not called.

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David Lauri

The disorderly conduct charge on which Gates was arrested was dropped.  Was it because they wanted to give him special treatment, or was it because the cop who arrested him for disorderly conduct was wrong?


They both were wrong – the cop just had the power. But it was never a racial thing, only in the mind of Prof Gates.

That is where this has gone wrong. It was not about race. The arrest was kinda bs, but he was acting in a way in which a cop, on a judgement call, was placed in a situation where he was dealing with someone who was being a bit disorderly. 

Maybe not enough to get arrested, but that was the cops call. But it was never a racial thing. The situation could have been handled better had Gates just behaved. Yelling is not cool. Saying the cop is a racist/was profiling is not cool. He could have acted his age, and he is certainly smart enough to understand boundaries, one would think.

Notice how the liberals have backed off since the release of the 911 call. Thank God we have a President who weighed in on this. He certainly had all the facts to say the cop acted stupidly. NOT.

David Lauri

Oh, then he should not have arrested the foul mouthed, hot under the collar, uncooperative and rude Professor.


They both were wrong – the cop just had the power.

Too bad it took my challenging your first sarcastic statement, Gene, before you would say what you finally did.  I guess David E’s not the only person who can get things wrong initially.


Prof Gates was just “more” wrong.

David rarely admits when he is wrong, and he is wrong about every other post, if not more often.

Don’t mess with cops, bottom line. Ask DE, he got arrested.

Nathan Driver

That right – NEVER challenge authority even if it is on your own property!

{sarcasm should be standing out right about now}

Both sides are wrong – no one is 100% right. Deal with it and let’s keep moving!

David Lauri

Ask DE, he got arrested.

And after his arrest he sued and won.  So your point would be?


He got arrested ……… that was my point.

Nathan Driver

the point of what exactly Gene? I’m lost on where you’re trying to take this…


You get arrested when you are disorderly. The charges were dropped.

They would not have arrested Gates if he acted like an adult. WTF is so hard to understand about this folks……..?……….. He was disorderly, therefore arrested.

Nathan Driver

Not only were the charges dropped apparently but he sued them and won…so then the point would be that ‘possibly‘ he wasn’t ‘disorderly’.

So, wait I have to be on my P’s & Q’s on my own property? Step up your game Gene b/c you are stretching {once again}.


You can be arrested and be innocent, btw. Ask OJ.

Gates was disorderly. He was then arrested. That is all I have said.
Then I said DE got arrested. That is fact. I said “ask him” bc he knows what it is like to deal with cops.

 Yes, he sued and won. I never said anything to the contrary. I was posting the fact that Gates was disorderly (according to the cops) and then was arrested. I said “don’t mess with cops, ask DE. He got arrested. ” I thought maybe we could get some insight from the host bc he has had run ins with the cops and being arrested and his latest thing with the disorderly/loud kids down the block.
What am I stretching? Facts?

Yes, you have to mind your Pints and Quarts on your property. You can’t beat someone up in your house, you can’t murder someone. You can not be disorderly, or you may get arrested. Ask Gates.

BTW, what was DE actually arrested for? Disorderly conduct?

Nathan Driver

LOL @ “Yes, you have to mind your Pints and Quarts on your property. You can’t beat someone up in your house, you can’t murder someone. You can not be disorderly, or you may get arrested.”

The point IS both parties are wrong – Gate shouldn’t have been ‘rude’ to the point of causing the officer to put in the report as “disorderly” – the police officer shouldn’t have arrested him on HIS property where he was within his rights to cause a ‘ruckus’ (frustrated by not being able to get into his own home).

David Lauri

Andrew Sullivan points out ( a fun YouTube featuring “Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano defend[ing] Gates and American civil liberties” in which Napolitano says the cop who arrested Gates “violated the Constitution” —

Wow, even ultraconservative, err, fair and balanced Fox News says the cop was wrong.

David Lauri

And here’s a fun blog post from someone, not black but white, who also doesn’t think that just because police officers are police officers that they can’t ever be wrong or that they have to be meekly submitted to when they’re not right:

David Lauri

Just this one more and I’ll stop — a fun blog post from a white guy arrested in DC by police who didn’t like how he was exercising his right to free speech.  The ACLU seems interested.  If I had to bet, I’d bet this guy will win just as David E did.

So much for the need to bow down in obeisance to police in this fine democracy of ours.