The mystery of 10 N. Williams Street

Following a hunch, the closing of the post office at 10 N. Williams Street made me do some digging. From today’s Dayton Daily News:

At risk, according to a list released by the Cincinnati District of the U.S. Postal Service are:

* Station B Finance, 10 N. Williams St.

via ‘No job cuts’ from 5 post offices on list for possible closure.

I wanted to see who owned the building and maybe find out how much rent the Post Office was paying.

Heading over to the Montgomery County Treasurers office site- I find that the City owns a vacant lot at 20 N. Williams Street- and Google Maps confirms there is a post office at 10 N. Williams Street– but the treasurer’s office doesn’t have a listing at all for 10 N. Williams (you have to enter in Williams St. and North- FAIL). Odd.

However, when doing a search on just Williams St- it comes up 8-10 Williams Street, and the property shows up belonging to Scherrie McLin–  Mayor Rhine McLin’s sister, who ostensibly bought it 12 Feb 1992 for $30,000

The tax bills, until 2007 were sent to the Germantown St. address that the Mayor used to live at, but now are delivered to Scherrie’s home in Dayton View. When did the US Post Office decide to put an office here?

And, how much was the Post Office paying in rent? Both of these tidbits of information may be quite interesting to tax payers.

Is knowing about a potential post office, and then buying a building to rent one of those perks of being in office? In the corporate world, it’s called insider trading. In Dayton, it’s a foul not called.

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