Good to see you, and how’s the campaign coming….

The Board of Elections is a funny place. There are two of everything- and they should be color coded. It’s our crazy way of running elections- where we put the two parties in charge- who then make it their sole goal to keep any other parties or independents out of the action.

A disconcerting recent example: my campaign treasurer, the esteemed Greg Hunter, made a request for some campaign finance reports from previous elections and past election results broken down by precinct.

After 4 weeks of hemming, hawing and delaying- I got on the phone. Records were ready in under 4 hours.

There will be a call made to the BOE chief tomorrow (he was out on Friday) to start an investigation on why the delay. The answer should be interesting.

I’ve always questioned why the partisan Board of Elections has anything to do with City Commission elections- which are supposed to be run by the city- and entirely non-partisan (as if that is really possible). I’ve also wondered why every form needed to run for office isn’t readily available online- as a PDF. It is in Franklin County.

But, the net upshoot of this entire ordeal is, we’re now about 4 weeks behind in starting our requests for donations and planning our campaign. Not to worry though, I’ve always thought campaigns are too long, too expensive and too inane in our country. Looking over most campaign literature for City Commission is like reading the nutritional information on a box of Cap’n Crunch. Lots of sugar, not much substance and a package that appeals to children.

Here are links to sites for the two incumbents:

Nan Whaley

Joey D. Williams

Spend some time on either site- and then some time here. You compare. Then tell your friends to do the same.

Thanks, and if you have some money you can spare, and you care about Dayton- there is a big contribute box on the right sidebar.

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