The free condom program needs a bailout: inauguration party fundraiser

The stock market crash has caused a ripple locally- the portfolio that’s been funding the free condom program in Dayton isn’t going to be able to fund the program. Last year, Planned Parenthood gave away condoms almost as fast as the TARP has handed billions to banks and insurance companies. Without raising $3,000 for a matching grant, the program will be preaching abstinence for lack of plonkers.

So, to entice all you civic minded folks who believe change is a comin, you can stop in for an Inauguration party at Coco’s on Tuesday, 20 Jan, 2009 from 5-8pm. $12 gets you free appetizers and there will be a cash bar with drink specials. They’ll be showing a “DVD-delayed” recording of the inauguration, and celebrating the occasion.

Be the change you want to see in the world, starting right here in Dayton.

Donations above and beyond the $12 will gladly be accepted. To reserve your place:

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I’ll be there, because, Hope isn’t really an option when it comes to birth control.

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