The Dayton Tea Party on Tax day

This country was founded by a bunch of patriots, who today would be called terrorists. That’s how backward our country has become. It’s every American’s right to rebel, to protest, to speak their mind, to question authority- however, those who do- are often labeled “gadflies,” “crazy,” or even terrorists.

Right now our government has made it a mission to bail out and protect “investors” on the stock market, “owners” of banks, insurance companies and “investment banks” who stole billions, yet won’t face a single day in prison, while many small-time criminals who affect society at a much much smaller level will do several years or more. The difference between buying stocks and bonds was that there wasn’t any guarantee that stock would pay back. Now, thanks to the idiots who have been “elected” in the auctions we call “elections,” where the seats typically go to the biggest sell-outs, we are “protecting” our country by making sure the rich don’t lose– while the poor lose their jobs, homes and pensions. That’s why there’s a  furor over the AIG bonus checks.

So, even though the rhetoric sounds like the right wing talking, the place to be on April 15th will be Courthouse Square from 6:00pm to 8:00pm for the Dayton Tea Party.  From their site:

On December 16, 1773 citizens of Boston came together and protested the actions taken by the British Crown to support a company that faced bankruptcy due to mismanagement and corruption. We know this event today as the Boston Tea Party.

This event was one of many that eventually led to the declaration of our independence from Great Britain and the unfair taxation that was taking place at that time.

Today thousands of Americans are fed up with what we perceive as unfair taxation. Our federal government is taking money from hard-working people  to pay off mortgages and bail out companies that should be allowed to go bankrupt. Our elected officials are stealing our money and that of our children and grandchildren so that they can pay for tattoo removal and pig odor studies.

If you count yourself as an American, fed up with excess taxation and individuals like Chuck Schumer of New York spending your hard-earned money on pork that you “don’t care about”, join us April 15, tax day as we send a message from the Miami Valley to those bankrupting our nation and stealing our money for their “stimulus packages” that contain “no pork.”

Please join us on April 15, 2009, and make your voice heard. Protests are being held across the country. You are not alone with your frustration. Please click here and RSVP to confirm your attendance. It’s very important that we know you’re coming so we can pressure the media into covering us!

via Home Page.

If you’ve been paying attention, the right to protest in this country has been slowly eroding since the late ’60s. The Chicago Democratic National Convention, Kent State were only just the beginning- today, it’s common to see the police out like storm troopers to stop legal and legitimate demonstrations by citizens. The bad news is, we’ve handed the keys to the country to a government that has stopped doing the will of the people- and they don’t like it when the people ask for them back.

The freedom to express our frustration to the government is a big part of what makes our country great, and there’s a civic duty involved here to let government know how you feel.  If you’re as dissatisfied as I am, April 15th is as good as day as any (as you mail in your tax payments) to start asking for our country and Constitution back.

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