Dayton Tea Party

Free speech is never free. Sinclair botches it.

I remember having to listen to various campus “preachers” at Wright State screaming at the top of their lungs about sin and damnation. Many overstepped their bounds. I remember one guy who liked to point at women dressed “provocatively” and yell “prostitute.” Needless to say- these people were a nuisance, they disturbed the peace and Read More

Cutting costs doesn’t bring in new revenue. Dayton’s dilemma

Income tax revenues are down. Population is dwindling. Services are being cut. Size remains the same. Convert the above to a business: sales down, customer base shrinking, support staff is cut and we haven’t reduced our expectations for sales. Not exactly a turnaround strategy, and bankruptcy isn’t an option for the City. In the boardroom Read More

Should we be teaching how to stage a revolution?

I got a really nice e-mail yesterday from Ryan, who I don’t believe has ever posted here. The last lines are what prompted this post: “Your ideas are revolutionary, and if implemented correctly they could dramatically change the face and future of Dayton.  Any pointers for other citizens who would also like speak out and Read More

The Dayton Tea Party on Tax day

This country was founded by a bunch of patriots, who today would be called terrorists. That’s how backward our country has become. It’s every American’s right to rebel, to protest, to speak their mind, to question authority- however, those who do- are often labeled “gadflies,” “crazy,” or even terrorists. Right now our government has made Read More