The bullet list

Some of you are wondering, why hasn’t Esrati been posting as often? The answer is, I’ve been really busy. Feb 1, 2019, after a two week hospital ordeal, my mom passed. Then I decided to run for Dayton City Commission against the weak seat incumbents (not running with the mayor makes these the ignored ones), then a trip to England to see my Uncle and cousins (British hospitals don’t look like 5 star hotels with marble walls and overpaid CEO’s), then back to collect signatures, then to argue in front of the court of appeals (still need to “splain” to them judges that it’s not called the “Open Meetings Act” for nuttin), then to fight and win over the Board of Elections over the crap petition the city uses to exclude candidates, and throw in a ton of work… so here’s the bullet list of what you need to know has been on my mind- and should be on yours.

The Wright State Board of (un)Trustees, has been voted as those least likely to succeed by a bunch of very well educated folks. Apparently, the least educated (those in Columbus) need to go back to school to realize that the folks they put in charge of Wright State aren’t fit for duty.

The Montgomery County Jail would be a great first stop for the WSU Trustees, if they weren’t lucky to be in Greene County… that’s where inmates get sexually assaulted, jump off balconies, and well, go to get a chance at winning millions of your tax dollars because the place isn’t run by anyone who went to school either. It needs to be put under competent supervision and mandated to cut the number of inmates to no more than 450 until they can go a year without anything stupid happening.

The City of Dayton was the only jurisdiction NOT presenting to Karl Keith and his folks at a mandated annual review of JEDDs, TIFs and other corporate welfare last Thursday. Apparently they do so much for the rich that they get a separate meeting a week previous. I’d still like to know why I couldn’t get the city to buy my building for me, give it to me for $10 and then throw me some incentives… without having an open bid process, and some kind of evaluation that provides for “Equal Opportunity Economic Development®” I’ll try to get the video up soon.

There are a bunch of people with their panties in a twist about 20 white sheet wearing clowns coming to town. Folks feel the need to show them something. Wake up folks- the real enemy is the clowns you elected who just gave a demolition permit to Premier Health to steal your hospital that you’ve been subsidizing for the last 80+ years or so. By the time anyone files a lawsuit and stops it, there will be a giant hole on Salem. No chance for any competition to come in and provide competitively priced health care. If you need another example of how Premier is Privileged, look no further than the Fairgrounds- where a process for “Equal Opportunity Economic Development®” was put in place, 2 firms submitted competing plans at great expense- and then… the white tablecloth was pulled out from under the dinner setting and the winner was…. Premier and UD who got the property for half the price everyone else did- with a $5M kicker paid by us…. word was there was an interested buyer with a quarter billion cash to put into it immediately- but he didn’t know you had to pay off some politicians before you can get a seat at that table (more to come).

The State legislature is now terrified of taking over the terrible Dayton Public Schools, where our overpaid proctor in charge, Liz Lolli, is actually turning in worse test scores than her predecessor, despite her great insight on what is wrong with these poor little impoverished students- it’s bad teachers and apathetic parents. She’s even wasted money putting up parent shaming billboards, instead of realizing the problem is bigger than her tiny reptilian republican mind can handle. The district is cruising the district into the dumper so people like Chester Finn and Tom Lasley can dig their greedy little fingers into the half a billion budget and use it to turn Dayton into Charter School Nirvana version 2. The State isn’t going to take over districts anymore- so this has to be the only “remedy” left for the legislators to do. They certainly can’t see that when you have such brilliant leadership like the School Board, that they could possibly be the first people that need to go when a district is failing- afterall, they hired the ice queen Lolli, who has NEVER once completed her contract in any other district. But, she has hired so many of her friends… and consultants, and over-priced, under-qualified folks in everything from HR consulting, to ESL program director, to how many principals who then turned their back before getting on-boarded? Hint to the state- when a district has 20% turnover every year, the problem isn’t going to get fixed… by the people who’ve been there at the top through the entire comedy of errors on the way to the bottom.

That should be enough to satiate your plate, but, wait, there’s more…

Did I mention that I’m running for Dayton City Commission? Did I ask you to donate? Did I ask you to volunteer? Do I have to make a video to get your attention?

Consider yourself up to date in D-Town.

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