The Best Politicians Money Can Buy?

I didn’t have to file because I haven’t loaned myself $50K to buy my way into Congress. I’ve raised just under $5000- the filing limit- and produced 5 videos, a website, bumper stickers, buttons, and postcards/handouts. I’ve done a limited mailing. I’ve gone door-to-door, stood outside the Schuster Center and passed out cards to people coming and going to Spike Lee- and worked on the Obama campaign.

My opponent, Jane Mitakides on the other hand:

1 MAR 08 NOTE: Apparently the FEC database won’t allow you to keep a link to a candidate filing life (bad web design)- so all my links don’t work to Jane’s filing.

I’ve found the PDF of her filing and have it here: PDF of Jane Mitakides Feb 08 FEC filing

Congressional candidate report contributions
Of the three Democrats running in the March 4 primary, only Jane Mitakides of Washington Twp. filed a report with the Federal Election Commission. She lent herself $50,000 for the race and collected an additional $35,909 between Jan. 1, 2008 and Feb. 13, the period covered by federal election campaign finance filing rules. Mitakides spent $10,619 and has nearly $75,290 on hand.

Businessman David Esrati and former Waynesville Mayor Charles Sanders, both Democrats, did not file reports by press time.

U.S. Rep. Mike Turner, R-Centerville, is unopposed in the Republican primary. He raised $16,378 and spent $47,586. With previous contributions included Turner has $483,848 on hand.

Mrs. Mitakides hired herself a staffer with a cell phone from some other area code, hired a polling firm from DC who did work for the Clinton’s (to tell her if the district was winnable), and paid some web firm from out of town to build her a lame-o website (even though they are using Drupal- but ignoring many of its best features) .

So, without actually saying anything- other than “I can write checks to my own campaign” and do what special interest groups want- she’s raised a ton of money- and not promised to do anything for the people she’s supposed to represent.

Some donations of interest:

$5000 from the U.A. Political Education Fund 901 MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE, NW WASHINGTON, DC 20001

Family members:

Drew Mitakides
7989 Beech Run Rd
Waynesville, Ohio 450688786
Applied Mechanical Systems 02/11/2008 2300.00

Her smallest donation: $250, largest $2,300 from several people.

Compare that to my campaign where I have $5 donations and $25 donations from Wal-Mart clerks and one donor who has contributed $750 as part of a match (thank you Pam) and no other donation of more than $250.

Jane spent her donors money on:

Mrs. Jane Mitakides
5323 Split Rail
Dayton, Ohio 454291964

Computer Equipment


No mention of expenses for the polling she talked about at the DDN editorial board meeting- or mention of payment for the staffer?

What we have here is the difference between an Obama campaign, funded by many disenfranchised voters- vs. a Hillary campaign, funded by the country club and cocktail set.

It will be up to the voters on March 4- on what kind of representation they want.

Realize, that after the primary- raising money becomes much easier for me if I’m the elected candidate. Up until then- I’m still a bad bet because Jane can keep writing checks- and I’m prohibited by law from doing the same (my business does work for the Federal Government and is a sole-proprietorship, making it illegal to give money to my own campaign).

You don’t even want to look at Mike Turner’s donations. Talk about an even higher average donation amount. You’ll quickly understand why this could either turn into a big money slugfest of Jane vs Mike.

Or a David with a slingshot vs Goliath Mike.

Just remember who the winner was with the slingshot.

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