Hanging out with former governor Taft at DECA

I spent a few hours listening to student presentations today at DECA. That’s the former conversion high school that was jointly run with UD- but is now a UD run charter school.

Some of the students showed exceptional poise, all of them had done their homework, and it was good to see them digging into the issues.

As always, I was questioned for my actions when I stopped a team who had run 50% over their time and were no where near their close. Apparently I hadn’t gotten the message that the 10 minute times clearly marked on the program- weren’t to be applied and that this wasn’t a competition or about grading.

I’d like to write more about this- however it’s 12:45pm and I have to teach Websitetology in the morning. So, check this post again in a day or two. I hope to have some additional thoughts to add. Thanks to Devon Berry for the invitation and to Principal Judy Hennessey for the opportunity to be involved with such talented students.

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