On the floor at the Nutter Center waiting for Obama

I was handing out literature at the Kettering Tower ticket line this morning. I had 2 helpers handing out more here. Then, did some campaigning inside, before being asked to stop.
The good news- the place is filling up. Hillary spoke to 2000 at Wayne HS, the next president of the United States will be talking to 12000! I’m sorry, I don’t believe the polls that she’s ahead- that’s just the media trying to milk the candidates for some more money.
Speaking of media, I’ve bought one of the two tv spots available tomorrow night in the debate. Word is Hillary bought the other.
I don’t know what Jane Mitakides is waiting for, does she think all this takes is a lame endorsement in the Dayton Daily News and an endorsement by the secret screening committee of the Montgomery County Democratic Party to win the primary?
People were telling me today that they’ve already seen my spot on cable.
beating Mike Turner will take a lot more than money- you actually have to get out and talk to people. I was the one working the street outside Spike Lee- and people here were remembering me from that.
Are you ready for the first blogging congressman OH-3?
Speak up all you young people who I’ve been meeting here!
back with a report tonight!

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