The 104th way Dayton can save money

Even when you try to stay tuned in to Dayton government issues- you miss some things- like the City actually asking for help in cutting expenses. You can e-mail ideas to them here: [email protected]

The Dayton Daily News had a story on the 103 ways to save today:

City of Dayton officials say they’re taking seriously the 103 cost saving suggestions submitted since October to cut a projected $13 million deficit in 2009.

Most of the suggestions came from staff, with a just six or seven coming from the public.

“The budget ideas represent a variety of suggestions and cover almost the entire organization,” Barbara LaBrier, director of Dayton’s Department of Management and Budget, said. “The response has been excellent and we encourage employees and the public to share their budget ideas with us.”

The suggestions fall into the following categories:

• Look at the level of supervisors in departments. As the city has downsized the span of control for some supervisors has decreased.

• Ideas for saving energy have been numerous including doing an energy audit to turning off lights in unused rooms.

• Use equipment to reduce staff time and improve efficiency. For example, set up a room in City Hall for Internet teleconferencing to reduce travel costs.

• Freeze wages and allow employees to take a day off without pay.

• Increase funding for the Mediation Center with the goal of reducing multiple police calls to the same location.

• Merge city functions with other jurisdictions.

A forecast overview on the budget is set for Wednesday, Dec. 3.

“The City Commission will see many of these suggestions in the form of budget recommendations in the coming months,” LeBrier said.

City gets 103 ways to pare its budget.

And, then there was also the notice that Dayton is on its regular trash collection schedule today. Yes, we pay the trash men double time to go make their mad 5 hour dash (that we pay them 8 hours for) so that we don’t miss an opportunity to line their pockets.

Waste collection employees work on an antiquated “Make out and quit” schedule that lets you clock a full day, no matter how long it takes to complete your route. This was the policy I was mocking the week before I got arrested for my mask protest. The policy is still in effect today. Thanksgiving. Where every other waste hauler just does a double shift on Friday and pays standard overtime, we do holiday pay.

I posted some other suggestions on how to cut costs here:

How to balance the Dayton budget- and get union cooperation

The Holiday trash collection (every holiday except Christmas) is just one more way the City of Dayton wastes our tax dollars due to special interests influencing the election process. It’s time to stop allowing the unions to be involved in our “non-partisan” elections. This trash policy is a prime example of bad management practices enacted to pay back favors.

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