Waste Collection

Dayton Trash Fees going up: Commission thinks DOH! is an answer.

Anytime you see “emergency ordinance” take a second look. Most of the time it means either: the commission is made up of idiots who didn’t see something coming, or they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. In this case- both. And, it’s our first Gary Leitzell no vote- with no real solution Read More

Takin’ out the trash

I’m not going to point out the meaningfulness of this change to the city- but, let’s just say that a certain masked man once held up an oversized Waste Collector’s Time Card in front of the City Commission in a galaxy long ago – From today’s Dayton Daily News: The Department of Public Works will Read More

The 104th way Dayton can save money

Even when you try to stay tuned in to Dayton government issues- you miss some things- like the City actually asking for help in cutting expenses. You can e-mail ideas to them here: [email protected] The Dayton Daily News had a story on the 103 ways to save today: City of Dayton officials say they’re taking Read More