Sharen Neuhardt, candidate of the 1%

Who cares that you start your campaign $92K in the hole, as soon as you turn on the new campaign, the money rolls in, $97,510, and you pay off your former political consultant a 4-year-old debt of $5k, you start paying yourself back on the loans you made, and you collect the money for the primary AND the general all at once (two checks of $2,500) as if the law that limits the campaign to $2,500 per cycle makes a difference. You don’t play by the rules the everyday candidate has to play by.

Take a look at this filing from the FEC. Her check of $2,700 to NGP VAN for her software rental was almost half of all I raised.

She hired a staffer (obviously to call donors for her) Uriah Anderson, for about $1,600 every two weeks. She spent $19,873.02 and this was the filing through Feb. 15th (I was too busy running to do the proper reporting).

We have the best candidate money could buy- and she won with a paltry 7,530 votes. That works out to: $12.95 a vote.

If she continues on that pace, and has to beat just Turner’s primary vote- of 79,548 at $12,95 a vote, she needs to raise: $1,030,123 ignoring the fact that the general election will have a much higher turnout. No matter what, she’s going to need at least 2 commas in her campaign chest.

While this filing doesn’t have the huge PAC money in it yet- it’s coming. Read it and wake up. We’re on our way to another auction for Congress. Sharen Neuhardt Pre-primary 2012 FEC Filing

Who needs to say anything. Money talks.

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